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  • Texas Chick - Awesome helmet at a great price.

    I have a small head and the size small fits me well. The helmet is lightweight and is comfortable on. It has adjustable webbing on the chin strap, that took a while to get how I wanted it, and adjustments for fitting the rear suspension cage which allows a more customized fit than some other helmets. I was a little worried that with the venting my head would get cold in winter, but so far it seems great year round. I would highly recommend this helmet. It does not hurt that I was able to buy this helmet at a substantial discount through Amazon!

  • Charles J Richardson - Must Have Book for Ford Bit/spur Collectors

    This book is 'THE' book for anyone who considers collecting or researching the bits and spurs made by well known maker, R.F.Ford. The wife of the maker has gone to great detail to make certain the order book that Mr. Ford used in his daily work is copied and preserved just as he wrote it down. The book shows the work, the coffee stains and scribblings just as RF put them in his book and is a tremendous resource for those collectors that wish to go back and look at this makers production through the years he made bits and spurs. Notes on many of the spurs and bits are in the book as well as who he made them for. Mr. Ford passed away in 2011, but his work is gaining great collector attention in the realm of western memorabilia collecting. Anyone collecting Mr. Ford's work would certainly want to add this book to the collection.

  • Gustavo Orellana - A must for any serious computer user, protection is never underrated, however, it does have some problems.

    So far so good. Outperforms Norton, which is what I had before. I am running it in a Dell computer with an I-7 X980 6 core processor, 12 GB memory, Windows 7 Ultimate, and a RAID-1 configuration. Not a gaming system, this is a work computer, and Norton used to bog it down to the point that it took up to 5 minutes to start Excel and email processing became painful, not to mention that I had problems with the renewal last year and had no way to get my money back, Symantec's help desk is by far the worst that I have come across. I have not had to get support for Kaspersky, and I don't think I will as everything in my computer is working top notch. The protected Browser feature works very well, and in spite of some of the reviews I have read, the full system scan takes less than 20 minutes, Norton used to run for 2-1/2 hours.

  • Carolyn Tsironis Parks - But overall good for my needs

    The growth production from the light is to my liking. It seems to run a lot more heat than the other grow light I have, which is a led as well. But overall good for my needs.

  • Alison Deluca - Too Late for Me

    Are you frickin kidding me?????? I was in China a few months ago, looking for areas that had wooden toilet seats. Hey, you know what? That is one large country. It's well-nigh impossible to hone in on smooth, sanded, polished, comfy seats in such a huge area. I found seats made out of pebbles, styrofoam, recycled plastic, gum wrappers, dry pasta... but good, old-fashioned wood? Nooooooo.