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  • Tribe 1966 - great tune

    simple and yet stout great tune from a great classic band and catchy. one for all libraries of heavy metal bands.

  • Atrevida - Interesting

    Not as helpful as I thought it would be. At the end of the day, I somewhat felt that I wsated my money.

  • Czosnek - Feel more secure

    All I had were some decal type non-slip things in my tub. Got this because I was starting to feel un-secure with soapy feet, etc. This mat is a good size and pretty comfortable. The loofah like sponge was a nice bonus.

  • Amanda McFarland - I love these brushes

    I love these brushes!! They are made very well and are holding up beautifully!! I love that they are all different sizes and angles. They really work beautifully with all of the paints and materials I have used them with.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't purchase on Amazon, go elsewhere.

    I'm not sure if I received 2 defective packs because there is NO adhesion whatsoever on them. I took off the liner on each strip & tested it with my fingers & it had no stickiness like tape should have. I got 2 replacement packs & they wont stick on the the wall at all. 4 defective packs, what a coincidence! I've purchased these locally many times & 1 strip could easy hold up an 8x10 picture frame. By the way, I have smooth, flat paint on my walls & never had problem with strips not adhering as they should before my Amazon purchase. I wouldn't recommend purchasing them here. They must be selling extremely old product.

  • MrTimmy - Fear and trepidation, but no disaster

    I've watched Quicken reviews for 2 years now and they've terrified me. I feel like there are many factors surrounding the large number of negative, mediocre, and positive comments.