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  • Body extensions - “A woman-of-color who writes poetry or paints or dances or makes movies knows there is no escape from race or gender when she is writing or painting. She can’t take off her color and sex and leave...”
  • Body extensions - The Charge: Gynocide | Mother Jones
  • Body extensions - Biologist to develop ‘transgenic tobacco plants’ for trans people to grow sex hormones at...
  • Body extensions - “Prof Guillebaud said: “Older women have had ‘forgettable’ contraception - as opposed to the pill or condoms - for a long time, with things like sterilisation and the coil. "But it is younger...”
  • Body extensions - “BaContraception, short for Bacterial Contraception. Human Vagina contain 108-109 bacteria per gram vaginal fluid. More than 90% of these bacteria is Lactobacillussp. which is commensal in human...”
  • Body extensions - “Such tests would provide parents with unprecedented kinds of information, like risk genes for autism, in addition to hundreds of rare developmental disorders. While that could catch problems in...”
  • Body extensions - The Second Life of Alnylam and Its Nearly Discredited Gene Therapy | MIT Technology Review

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  • InquisitiveGuy - Great tasting water for a fraction of the price.

    Mounts exactly like OEM Electrolux that came with the refrigerator and at a fraction of the price. Water tastes great. No complaints so far

  • victor delaflor - multiplayer feels like you are watching a movie

    This is by far the best multiplayer experience when it comes to war games, totally changed the experience for the better, plus graphics are insane

  • R. Shelley - I've used it for a year. Highly recommend!!!

    I have used this for a year. This product is worth its weight in gold. The women on Waikiki who sold this to me were awesome and loaded on the discounts. I had never spent so much for any product in my life but I'm so glad I did. My skin is the best it's even been. I can tell when my skin is very well exfoliated because it won't ball up like it typically does. When my skin builds up a dead layer, this stuff takes it off big time. I use it once a week and haven't run out yet. Be patient and keep it up. You'll see the results. Ensure your face is completely clean dry before you use it. Otherwise, you'll just be taking off old makeup and residue. Make sure to moisturize right after. Enjoy.

  • beachlover - Flexitol heel balm

    Since we could no longer find this cream at the local drugstores, we were pleasantly surprised to find it and buy it on Amazon.

  • Cattle Kate - Miracle worker!

    I was amazed at the results applying this product. I put it on as per instructions, looked away doing something else for a minute, and when I looked back at the mirror, I could actually see the improvement. At 72 I need all the help I can get so its on my must have list from now on!

  • Dave - Great Purchase!

    Product was exactly what I needed when the original assembly burned out. The product was shipped promptly, and it was exactly as described online. Works great and for 1/3 the cost of the Jeep dealership!

  • J. C. - strange product

    After spending $85 on the product, I really dislike it. A few of the things that the website, ads, etc. tell you are true. It rolls on easily and neatly and the acetone smell/sting does go away after a few seconds. What they don't tell you is that it leaves a shiny, tight feeling, smelly film on your skin, that is really annoying to get off in the morning. I put it on my neck, back of my hands, and decolletage, and tried it two nights in a row.