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  • What visa type do you need, exactly, to legally participate in Y Combinator? | :Ben Metcalfe Blog - Hacker News has been buzzing with the story of Canadian citizen Zak Homuth, who was refused entry earlier in the week by US Customs and Border Protection to
  • Cease & Desist letter sent to Fotopedia, abuser of Creative Commons | :Ben Metcalfe Blog - I was sad to discover that photos belonging to both Violet and I are being reproduced without our permission at 'photo encyclopedia' Fotopedia. I'm a firm
  • Weekend musings – BitCoin, PlayStation Network and Google IO | :Ben Metcalfe Blog - BitCoin I've spent the last few months researching BitCoin, which for those who don't know is a p2p currency system that is (sort of) de-centralized and
  • Thoughts on a “risk averse BBC”, as covered in the Guardian today | :Ben Metcalfe Blog - Maggie Brown asks in the Guardian today 'whether the BBC has become too affraid to take risks?'. Her piece focuses around the dreaded "BBC Editorial Policy

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    LOVE this TV! I was a Vizio fan for the longest time, but I have to say that this LG really is a pleasant surprise. Really good sound from the speakers (my 32" Vizio sounds like crap), and the LED display is absolutely gorgeous! It's almost edge to edge, whereas my Vizio has a bit too much bezel on it.

  • SOFOMTN - Haven't noticed one bit of difference over any much cheaper ...

    Haven't noticed one bit of difference over any much cheaper glass cleaners, but, I haven't tested it at night while it's raining and was blinded by that nasty film on the windshield, hope it removes that

  • Amazon Customer - What is working looks very good wish the red light work also

    Just received the product today. Only the blue and green lights are working and red light is not working.

  • AliceIsMyName - Customer service is disgusting. Keyboard broke within a month of use.

    Bought this from Razerzone EU, when it first arrive it was a good keyboard worked well. Within a month of use the left-shift key broke and would not respond. I email-ed Razer support and at first they were super helpful and responded with:

  • Sommer - This is probably the WORST shampoo/conditioner I have ever used in my life

    This is probably the WORST shampoo/conditioner I have ever used in my life. I don't know if it even works to tone brassiness because I'll never use it long enough to find out. It made my scalp itch, but that's the least of its problems. It took my long, soft, tangle free hair and turned it into a dry disaster resembling hair on a doll some toddler has been throwing around for a couple years. I could hardly comb it out afterward. On top of that, it smells like a grandma's room in a retirement facility. They are going in the trash as soon as I finish typing this. Guess you get what you pay for. Feels like I washed my hair with dishsoap.