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  • Dad_of_2 - Great product.

    Lower doors fit perfectly. Quality is very good. All hardware included. No instructions. But easy to figure out. Less than an hour install for all 4 doors and the triangles. Fast shipping. Very happy.

  • madeleine gallay - and excellent. A faint fragrance that dissipates

    Affordable, and excellent. A faint fragrance that dissipates, a creamy thick texture and apart from the teensy writing on the label this is as good as it gets.

  • simple user - Worked Easy

    I was working late and needed to build a workflow presentation for a morning meeting. I ordered the basic version, it loaded simply and got right to work. When I needed to save to a .pdf I had to download the plug in...which self installed and I didn't even need to close the program to do so. Simply put, it worked like you would expect it to!! (which is rarely the case in software anymore!)

  • Carl E - Get rid of the green, black, moss and mold

    Sprayed it on last week had some rain, the green moss has changed color, it looks like it has killed some moss and it's starting to peel off the shed shingles...let's see what happens after the recomended time, but this stuff just might work! Also sprayed some in the paver spaces, where some moss is growing....

  • Amazon Customer - Yet another canceled order

    I had the game on pre-order as well and after finding out about the DRM they choose, I canceled. It really saddens me that the decisions made by the execs at EA ruined all the hard work by Wright and his team. What I really don't understand is who they think they are stopping. I would gladly hand over more than $50 to have this game without unwanted spyware wrapped as DRM. Did they stop the pirates from getting a copy onto the web? Not even a little bit. Did they stop a legitimate customer from actually purchasing their product? Indeed they did.

  • Dennis - Good product.

    Very good product at a reasonable price and also everything fitted just perfect with enough flow of water because the hose is the correct width.

  • John B. Connell - The perfect PreFab book for right now.

    Not just a coffee table book. Sure, Taunton Press reliably publishes the most beautiful house books on this side of the Atlantic but what makes this book special is the content (which admittedly includes abundant mouth-watering photos). Sheri Koones has been writing about factory delivered homes for over a decade and in that time everything has changed (and her books have kept up with those changes). Prefab is no longer about fast and cheap. Now it's about energy efficiency, superior quality, high design, innovation AND affordability. Koones is a master of this subject having studied big houses and small houses from coast to coast in this country as well as the best prefabs from abroad. In this, her eighth title, she delves into how prefabrication is enabling the growing trend in smaller homes. People across the country are now embracing Sarah Susanka's advice to make houses that are "not so big" - but still incredibly well designed. In this book Koones collects the best of the best and shows how prefabrication has made small architecture possible, Each is different but all are successful in their "small" way. The characteristic Taunton diagrams and the glossary of resources alone would be worth the book price. I look forward to using this book with my online students at the Yestermorrow School. Pure inspiration!