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  • Amazon Customer - Impressive quality for price, great design...AND fun!

    As a long-time sufferer of Fibromyalgia, getting any form of exercise is extraordinarily difficult to me. The concept of zero impact intrigued me, and the price was low enough I decided to give it a shot. Out of the box it was obviously a well designed unit, easy to assemble and I was on it in no time. I started with 5-10 minute sessions, and without flaring my FM, have now been able to move on to 10-20 minute sessions. The movement is smooth and fun. An added bonus - my husband and my 12 year old son both love it as well. Three weeks in and we have easily gotten our money's worth already. I'm amazed!

  • isabella - Love the bag

    Love the bag! Super cute and great size for the gym. However, it smells horrible! I have sprayed it down a hundred times and still smells bad.

  • Richard in MO - It's a very good product

    I'm a registered pharmacist in St. Louis, Missouri. I was very skeptical in '99 when this stuff first came out. My first customer was a Dr.'s office that ordered 5 tubes of it for his office. Back then it was more like $60 per bottle. That got my attention. I sold a bottle or two to people who were desperate, at this point I was still not promoting the product. These few customers were coming back and raving about it. Since then I've sold probably a hundred tubes to people and I can tell you without question that Zanfel works for far more people than it doesn't. The cost is high, but so are office visits, and prescription meds. The prescription meds only reduce your body's reaction to the urushiol by the way. They do not "cure" you, because they don't even attempt to rid your skin of the problem. I quite honestly believe that Zanfel is more effective than steroids for that reason. I have folks make special trips to the pharmacy just to tell me that it worked for them. In my line of work, that doesn't happen often. I can only think of a handful of Rx drugs that work so well that people are compelled to tell me about it. Triptan migraine meds like Imitrex, proton pump inhibitors like Nexium, heavy cII narcotics of course, Chantix anti-smoking capsules (another good newer product), and Zanfel are the only items that work or provide enought relief to make people happy enough to tell pharmacists about it. If you don't believe what I've said, then ask someone who works in a pharmacy.

  • Kat Gaskill - I have really enjoyed the overall look and fun aspect.

    Try it you will have a great time. Also, they give you chips every 3 hours, what a wonderful aspect this is for your enjoyment..

  • Ukulele Mommy - Great Product, Expensive but worth it!

    After using soy formula for 5 weeks with my daughter, we found out that she had acid reflux and was possibly allergic to soy because she was fussy almost all the time. We tried using other formulas, which were dairy based, and she had the worst diarrhea due to having a dairy allergy! What to do with a child with soy and dairy allergies? This was the formula that saved us. After being on this formula for 6 days now, she is a more pleasant baby, has soft stools (but not diarrhea), and although she is gassy, it is not as bad as with the soy formula. The only thing I noticed was that the formula is very thin, so with advice from our doctor, we place 1 teaspoon of organic rice cereal in her 4 ounce bottle to thicken the formula. We might add a little more rice cereal as she grows. I do notice though, that the powder version seems thicker than the ready to feed version. Altogether, this is a great product. I just wish that they made it in larger tubs, like the standard 1.45lb tub you see in other types of Similac formulas. That is why we opted to purchase in bulk here off of Amazon.

  • Gene Lieberman - Tom: Blow your Horn

    Tom Horn has done it again! A worthwhile review of Apollyon 2012 plus additional gems make this latest effort by Horn the cream of the entire crop. Especially informative was the exposure of mormon beliefs at the end of the book. A true page-turner and compelling reason to reaffirm one's relationship with the salvation message. Hello earth: We have countdown: over