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  • coalyard - Back2Life - OK machine

    Produut seems to work as advertised. Not a fast fix but if you stay with the program it slowly seems to be of considerable help. I feel that my machine was money well spent.

  • kurt williams - very happy with the customer assistance

    Installed the cover in 10 mins. only to find that one of the hinges had been damaged during shipping. called up Bestop and in a few days they sent out a new part that was easy to replace. The cover works great.

  • Kitna - Intuit & Annual Upgrades...

    I have to use this program for my business and I don't have to upgrade every year, but it is cost effective for me to do it... For my payroll Intuit would like to charge me $450.00 annual to receive enhanced payroll... I can purchase this bundle and pay an additional 100-50 bucks and get the same thing... so for a lower price I can get an upgrade and enhanced payroll vs. the automatic renewal of just payroll. Besides that the software is great because it does much of the work for me.

  • DeleriouslyHappyTaxPayer - Ideal Gift For Your Congressional Representatives

    The reviews are so helpful. It is so difficult to be sure you are buying something over the internet that is exactley what you are searching for.