Coffs Harbour Cancer and Chronic Diseases Clinic « Anuna Natural Medicine - Naturopathy at ANUNA is used in chronic disease and cancer support programs, injury management and cycle of life support. Nutritional, aromatic and herbal medicine, along with remedial massage is used to help you back into balance.

  • Claire Cooney - Coffs Harbour Naturopath « Anuna Natural Medicine - Claire Cooney - Naturopath. Natural medicine is now my passion and I use it to empower others. Come visit me in my Coffs Harbour location to find out what I can do for your health.
  • Medical Treatment Support Programs « Anuna Natural Medicine - My role is to support your body during conventional treatment. Once conventional treatment for your cancer is over my ‘Recue Program’ aims to reduce your cancer drivers.
  • Cancer Rescue Programs « Anuna Natural Medicine - Cancer can be nearly impossible to cure but it can be slowed down to the point that living with cancer for decades may be the best optimum solution. Cancer, just like all chronic diseases becomes something that must be managed over time.
  • Recovery Programs – Reduce Risk of Recurrence and Treat Chronic Disease « Anuna Natural Medicine - Chronic Diseases are conditions of long duration, or recurrent presentation, and are generally slow in progression. Effective control of chronic disease requires attention to all areas of your life – diet, stressors, and lifestyle.
  • Treatment for Reproductive and Urinary Conditions « Anuna Natural Medicine - Reproductive and Urinary Conditions are usually a result of hormonal problems but other factors can create problems such as the overuse of pain killers, infections, copper to zinc ratio imbalance in tissues, digestive issues that result in nutritional deficiency and altered gene expression.
  • Treatment for Hormonal Problems « Anuna Natural Medicine - Hormone imbalance is a key driver of cancer and chronic disease as it changes cell signalling, impacts cell proliferation and encourages angiogenesis.
  • Adrenal and Thyroid Fatigue « Anuna Natural Medicine - Adrenal and Thyroid fatigue is where you lose your capacity to accelerate towards a goal or away from a situation. When you put your foot on your accelerator nothing happens as you simply do not have the reserves to respond. This can be the underlying cause of fear and anxiety and often chronic pain.
  • Treatment for Cardio and Vascular Disorders « Anuna Natural Medicine - Cardio and Vascular Disorders cause about 50% of all deaths in Australia. We all know that to reduce the risk of developing these you limit saturated animal fat, lower sugar and salt intake and give up smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Treatment for Skin, Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases « Anuna Natural Medicine - The lining of your gastrointestinal tract is made from the same type of cells as your skin. This is why treating the gut when you have skin diseases is the first step to help resolve the problem. Using topical products to help the skin heal is important but if that is all you do then it is missing the key problem that caused the disease in the first place.
  • Immune Dysfunction, Allergies and Infection « Anuna Natural Medicine - Your state of health and length and quality of life is directly impacted by your infectious burden over your entire life. Persistent viral infections enter your cells and change DNA and gene expression.
  • Eyes, Ears, Nerves and Brain Function « Anuna Natural Medicine - Problems in your nervous system can dramatically alter your quality of life. The causes are wide and varied. Nutritional imbalances can have a major impact to the way that nerves function as can drivers of inflammation.
  • Treatment for Musculoskeletal Dysfunction and Arthritis « Anuna Natural Medicine - Dysfunction and pain can erode your quality of life and the inflammation that can drive the remodelling of your body is a major driver of chronic disease and cancer. Come see me at my naturopathy clinic in Coffs Harbour.
  • Treatment for Pain and Stress « Anuna Natural Medicine - Suffering from pain or the effects of stress? As a Naturopath in Coffs Harbour, that is where I come in.
  • Exercise for Fitness and Brain Health « Anuna Natural Medicine - Exercise can help your brain. Are you often forgetful? You need to develop enough flexibility, muscle strength and stamina, along with cardio-respiratory fitness to meet the everyday demands of your life with some to spare.
  • Have Massage to Treat and Support Your Body « Anuna Natural Medicine - Relaxed muscle improves joint mobility. Remedial massage treats muscle pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, headaches, sciatica, pain in feet and hands, neck and back pain and other soft tissue injuries.
  • What to expect at a consultation « Anuna Natural Medicine - I assess your signs and symptoms, your current lifestyle and your particular stress factors. We will discuss your history to build-up a picture of your past medical conditions and events, and your exposure to infection and to toxic metals and substances that have challenged your body over time.
  • Naturopathy Pricing and Location « Anuna Natural Medicine - ANUNA Natural Medicine is found in Gordon Street between Harbour Drive and Vernon Street, behind the ANZ bank.

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  • Marcella Sarahs - still dancing

    I bought this for my daughter, based on the selection of songs. Not sure the lyrics are all appropriate for my 7 y.o. Also, wishing that I could unlock some of the songs instead of pay for them. Goal was acheived with product. Overall very good.

  • D. McCall - Impressive up, down and all around

    I've had this modem in place for a month now and I am impressed in every respect. I previously had the Motorola 901 (which was a rock-solid performer), and upgraded to gain the "N" level of wireless performance and be prepared for DOCSIS 3.0 from my cable provider (Charter). I find this gateway performs to the limits of my ISP (which in my case at my rural location it 25 down and 3 up), and has good "reach" throughout my home. It performs flawlessly including hosting uninterrupted 4-way video-conferencing (Apple iSight). For those having problems, I suggest you relax your firewall settings a bit, especially those related to scrubbing packets. All make sure your cable provider is doing their part on the performance in, including having the right levels of line voltages in and out of your home (you can see these on the unit's diagnostics panel). In sum, I'm smiling, have no remorse whatsoever, would buy again, and would advise my best Friend to do so as well.

  • E. Obal - Hard to use and a bit itchy

    First off, when I opened the package and tried it on, this strap smelled very strongly of plastic/chemicals. If I could smell it, and think it's too strong, it's definitely too strong. I do not have a sensitive nose.

  • C. D. Herter - Best workout for a serious cycler

    I've owned this machine for 5 years. I've had to tighten a few bolts here and there, but it's solid, and the mag resistance unit provides plenty of sweat. It did take a while to master, but I started with the thing in the middle of a door frame; after 6 or so months of regular use, the frame wasn't necessary. I also have a Kurt Kinetic trainer that's great, but I get a much better workout on the rollers. I also have to add that these particular rollers are built with flared cylinders; as your tires drift to one side or the other, you'll hear the rubber squeak in plenty of time to prevent a fall. It's also quiet, compared with the standard trainer. If you don't mind the idea of taking a few weeks to get your bearings, this will provide an experience as close to outdoor riding as you can get in your basement. You are, after all, really riding, using all your muscles and wits to keep upright and forward moving. Make sure you have a fan going, wear a sweat band, open the window. One last thing; the most difficult part for me was adapting to watching TV; it's difficult, at first, to keep to the center of the cylinders while watching any moving thing. I nearly went the my wall watching Indiana Jones early on.

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    I bought the Hartz flea/tick product for my 3 cats and 2 dogs. The liquid was very oily and left two of my pets lethargic within minutes. I did some research on this product and it is SO DANGEROUS!! Now, my Chihuahua is at the vet's. He was up all night and was acting strange. I was a fool to have gone to Walmart to "save" a buck. I'm taking the rest of the stuff back to Walmart and will buy Advantage from now on. I can only hope my dog will be okay!!

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