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Country:, Europe, AT

City: 16.3667 , Austria

  • Alex Fagan - BF at its best

    I've been playing BF games since 1942. This is the one ive been waiting on for the past 15 years. This era is perfect for the BF style of play and the attention to detail that dice has paid is phenomenal. Map design is varied and interesting and the visuals are gorgeous. Sitting in the dense fog and listening to the eerie horn of the dreadnought will give you chills. They've also perfectly captured the chaos of WWI. The explosions, screaming, and general bedlam in a firefight is insane. Yet for all that's going on it still runs butter smooth. There are a few minor glitches present currently, such as sometimes not being able to fire your weapon after being revived but I know dice will take care of them shortly. There isn't anything that should be stopping you from diving in to this game immediately!

  • Alice Mann - Turning point

    I find it amazing just how quickly a society can break down. It scares me to read about the ability of the human race can suddenly turn. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.