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  • Karen Lopez - horrible sticky! especially for peach fuzz - charge you more than agreed!

    I had wanted the luminess system for years. so for my birthday i finally broke down and ordered it. i was watching an infomercial offering a 19.99 thirty day trial. i figured it was a small investment to finally see if the system worked as i dreamed and imagined it would. after ordering the sytem i was checking my bank account online and found that there were multiple charges to luminess air.. i thought they made a mistake so i called their customer service as was told that the 64.00 charge was a security deposit plus tax. i was NEVER informed of a security deposit. only the payment plan which i agreed to of 54.00 per month starting AFTER the trial period had ended. this was a huge disappointment and seems illegal. when i received the kit, i was so excited i immediately read the instructions and learned how to use it before i started. once the machine was on and in put the "4 drops" they say is sufficient I found that it requires more like 20 drops to do ANY covering whatsoever. you have to put the makeup everywhere in order for it to not be obvious, and in doing so you will use up a massive amount of makeup and feel like a sticky bun. and...for those of you with peach fuzz, this is not for you. the makeup adheres to peach fuzz first and you look like a paintbrush, not airbrushed. its a garbage system. the makeup feels just like any regular "no-transfer" makeup. sticky, uncomfortable and looks just bad. then when you wash it off, you can not believe how much makeup was on your face. i never was able to accomplish a face i would go outside with, just kept trying. the makeup vials are extremely small. this is junk. save your money.

  • Claybirdie - LOVE THIS

    I am so happy I chose this product...I researched the HECK out of all of the baby washes. This came so highly recommended. I love that baby smells like an orange creamsicle after! However, if you are expecting a super strong, long-lasting scent (like when you use a commercial product with synthetic fragrances), then this is not for you. The scent lasts probably about an hour. But I don't mind that it fades; this is such a wonderful product.

  • Jamie2706 - AWFUL customer service

    Worst customer service I have ever worked with! When my treadmill was delivered they failed to include the nuts,bolts,wheels...etc. I called and they shipped them....10 days later I got them. BUT again, they did not give me all of the bolts to assemble the treadmill. I called again, I was told they would be shipped ASAP and I should have them in 2-3 business days. After a week of not receiving them I called again to find out that they were shipped that day regular mail. It's been 12 days and I STILL don't have them. I ordered my treadmill almost 2 months ago. It's turning into a joke. I spoke to a supervisor and all they keep telling me is, "there is nothing we can do". Save yourself a headache and DO NOT buy from Proform!

  • Marion Crutchfield - This is amazing

    This really looks like one of those devices that isn't worth a crap but nothing could be further from the truth. I bought it for my daughter who is 6 feet tall and often has issues with her back. While at my parents house she awoke in great pain and my parents immediately put her on their Back2Life. She was so amazed how good she felt after just 12 minutes. She did it every day while we visited and since her birthday was coming up they wanted to buy her one. Now we have one at home, we all use it, after cooking for about 3 hours last night my lower back was killing me. I did 12 minutes, twice and sprang out of bed this morning with no aches at all.