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  • tbro4033 - Must Have For Step 1

    A lot of people say that First Aid is not detailed enough. People say that you can't do well with First Aid alone and you have to use other materials along with it if you want a good score. Along with U-World Questions, the only study aid I used was First Aid and I got a 241 on Step 1 my opinion, First Aid is plenty detailed to get you a good score assuming you know it cover to cover (more or less).

  • Jarrett Pearson - Great product! Saves $$$$$$$

    We just initiated these bars on a 2,000 mile round trip on our 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo with zero issues. The instructions are shoddy at best, I actually installed them by printing off some directions given in prior reviews. "Stealership" wanted $274.99 for essentially the exact same product.

  • Teresa Key - gift

    I have been buying these books for my grown son since he was a teenager. he loves to read the information that is not found in other books that are similar. Excellent choice and price

  • Vanessa McConville - Amazing!

    This is an amazing mask for your hair. I have long sometimes wavy sometimes dry hair and this leaves my hair silky and smooth. It has an awesome scent to it - so much so that when I let my hair down after having it up people ask me what perfume I am wearing...

  • David Hatmaker - and I love my dog

    Reading this book, I found I was looking for ice floes while driving down the street to the grocery. At the grocery, I considered food that could be preserved for a year. I was even looking strangely at my dog, and I love my dog.