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  • Squeaker - Crossbars Are The Perfect Fit!

    Roof Racks fit as OEM equipment should even though they are not. Installed in less than 30 minutes. Just returned from a 2000 mile trip and had no issues whatsoever!

  • CJBSmith - Sufficient for use on the railroad

    I am a railroad conductor and travel up to 12 hours per day, with 10+ hours spent at a 'hotel' between trips (34+ hours away from home at a time, sometimes more.) In addition, I have to carry this cooler and enough equipment and toiletries in a duffel bag for such a time away from home, all while climbing on and off a locomotive made entirely of industrial grade steel. Given these conditions, this cooler has kept my meals cold, with a single ice pack, from start to finish and has held up well in this demanding industrial environment for 6 months with no adverse signs of wear. The insulation in this cooler is impressive and much better than the majority of soft-sided coolers that I have previously used. It does not come with a hard liner, but I have repurposed one from a previous cooler.Also, it does not come with a shoulder strap, but, again, I used one from another cooler to satisfy this need. The top straps are strong enough to hold a full cooler and service well when coupled with a shoulder strap. I would highly recommend this product, but will state that it is not as durable as a hard-sided cooler so that there is no confusion.

  • Gthanks - BEWARE Shelf Life to expire shortly. Very disappointed

    After paying way too much for a product, and then receiving it only to find the box opened from both ends; the expiration date for a large box to be in just 2 months, I am very disappointed. A warning label should have appeared stating that the food product packaging is damaged and the food needs to be consumed immediately. Who would have thought!!! This item has been on the shelf a very long time. I am one disappointed consumer and if I can return it, I will.

  • Gregory M. Boen - All better now. Note to new users

    I've had morning sinus drain for some years. First time I ever bought anything from infomercial info.

  • Robert A. Pacl - Use with great care

    I designed computer circuits involving interconnections all my professional life. One project involved the redesign of of a marginal connector. I reviewed the design and construction of many different connectors and eventually submitted a redesign to correct the problems. This cable is a terrible example of an incompetent design. The connector is too short to support a cable not clamped to the housing. The bonding is nothing but pressure fit of plastic over metal, both plastic and metal being inferior. The only safe way to use this is to have the whole cable clamped in a way to prevent ANY!!!!!! stress on it from handling the cable or moving the connected equipment.

  • itsallwerthit - Great pimple popping tool

    These pimple popping tool work amazing there's five in the case they're all different sizes so i can fined The right one to pop my pimples it is a sealable case that zips up a fake leather so I can carry in my purse and take it anywhere I need I love that it is a stainless steel and easy to clean I would recommend this tool set to anybody that has a lot of pimples all different sizes blackheads or anything on your face that you need to get rid up I think it works really well for black a I would recommend this tool set to anybody that has a lot of pimples all different sizes blackheads or anything on your face that you need to get rid up I think it works really well for blackhead

  • C. Wickline - Deep Conditions!!!

    Ok so let me tell you first and foremost. Full disclosure here…..even though I got this item at a discounted price with shipping and everything. I would never let that sway my opinion in either direction. I believe in being completely honest when I review a product. We’re all consumers here, and I depend on other people’s review of products before I buy them. So rest assured you will get my honest opinion and feedback! After all – it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it so why not!?