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  • Jennifer R. Pahl - So far, so fun.

    I'm loving the game so far. It just looks like some of the "cooler" weapons will take some time and money to unlock but that tends to be the trend with most games. But I am still enjoying it.

  • Athenasowl - Is everyone watching/listening to the same DVD?

    I cannot believe that everyone is watching and listening to the same DVD? I think that this performance is marginally short of remarkable mostly because Stills' voice isnt what it used to be, but I dont think it is shot! Hell, even Sinatra had issues later on in his career. About the only rock and roll vocalist who hasnt lost much in the aging process is Roger Daltrey, because he took care of himself. Stills didnt.

  • Zina - Love this brand

    Love SoundPeats brand Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. They pair easily and have great sound. I was really impressed with the way they sounded while I listened to my music. They are easy to charge and come with a charging cable. They ear pieces are magnetic and fit snugly into the neck piece while not in use. They are made of quality materials and will last a while. I compared the sound to my Dr. Dre beats earbuds and I can honestly say they were very comparable to the sound that I got out of the beats earbuds. I would not pay the extra money on any other bluetooth headphones when you can get just as good a sound out of these. I listen to a ton of music and the charge lasts for hours. The buttons are well placed on this device and easy to use. I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

  • K P-t - This is an amazing invention!

    Well, i am a brand new mom and i was really getting worried about stuffy nose of my girl. I ordered this product without checking on a vacuum cleaner i have. i was really glad that it could fit to the one we own! this product is simply amazing!!!! i don't know why it says baby-vac; adults can use it too, trust me, i tried it out)))) My baby likes it too, she doesn't mind when i use it on her even though she is only 3 months old. Thank you!

  • Isabel Melo - This is the best cream for babies I used it on my girls ...

    This is the best cream for babies I used it on my girls and now I put it on my granddaughter a little expensive but worth it

  • L christy - Perfect trajectory for me

    I think they are terrific. The trajectory off the club face is exactly what I wanted. I just wonder about all these people that want "soft" or more "feel". I'm thinking maybe it might not be the ball that needs more "feel".