Alba's Post explores the relationship between foods & psoriasis - Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease, where the immune system attacks the skin. Research have shown positive relations between psoriasis and anti-inflammatory foods.

  • How does Alcohol affect your psoriasis?  - Alcohol may impact psoriasis by aggravating inflammation or reducing the effectiveness of treatment. Read more about alcohol and psoriasis here.
  • How does Whey Protein affect your Psoriasis? - Whey is one of the two major proteins in milk, which is extracted during the cheesemaking process and dried to make whey protein. Read more!
  • How does Omega 3 affect your Psoriasis?  - Omega-3 fatty acids may help reduce the severity of psoriasis by reducing inflammation in the body. Read more about how omega-3 affects your psoriasis.
  • How a Mediterranean Diet affects psoriasis - Research shows the Mediterranean diet can reduce levels of inflammation in both healthy adults, and in people with inflammatory conditions. 
  • How does an Anti-inflammatory Diet affect Psoriasis? - An anti-inflammatory diet emphasises foods with proven anti-inflammatory effects including oily fish, spices and tea. Which may benefit psoriasis
  • How does Vitamin D affect your psoriasis?  - Vitamin D may benefit psoriasis by reducing skin cell growth and inflammation. Read more about how Vitamin D affects your psoriasis here.
  • How Vitamin A Affects Your Psoriasis - The effects of increasing dietary forms of vitamin A on psoriasis is unclear, but studies suggest it may help to increase antioxidant defences.

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