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  • doogie1 - It's nice that Kodi 14

    It's nice that Kodi 14.0 comes installed and surprisingly, the box comes "pre-rooted". I also have an Amazon FireTV running Kodi so, I had something to compare it with To be honest, I didn't see a significant increase in performance over the FireTV. The remote is pretty bad, not going to even sugar coat that. In comparison to the FireTV's. Something else that was disappointing was.. Logitech Harmony didn't recognize the Manufacturer, I even tried to manually add the remote functions but, never worked right. Using a Logitech touchpad keyboard helped some but not by much. It's a nice box, does what it says and the price is fair but.. It wasn't enough to replace my FireTV. FireTV is so smooth and the remote makes the difference, my logitech touchpad also works as it should with it. I'll definitely be interested to see what Element does with the next box.

  • Adam Shelton - Bad experience

    I bought these for a friend because of the reasonable price. Upon ordering two dozen balls, it took over 4 weeks for them to arrive, even after multiple attempts to contact the seller to locate them. I was refunded my money for being inconvenienced and not receiving the balls, but when the balls arrived a few days later (more than 4 weeks after my order was placed), the seller finally contacted me to collect their money. I was even charged for shipping. Funny how they can call to collect money, but are too busy when their end of the deal hasn't been met.

  • Christopher Nassoiy - If you do the 30 cleanse right (and there are ...

    If you do the 30 cleanse right (and there are 3 different ways to do the cleanse) then you cannot fail to be successful, that is my personal experience and many other's that I personal know.

  • BallinonYa - Love how simple it was to turn that gold logo ...

    Love how simple it was to turn that gold logo to black to match the outside decals. Friends ask..."howd you do that!?" haha

  • John C - QuickBooks Mac

    The switch from Peachtree to QuickBooks was tedious at first but quickly compensated the loss of time. My one gripe is the arrows to select the date are tiny. Other than that it is much faster at processing and has been able to keep up with my instinctive commands.