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  • Jenna sais quoi - Spicy scent, gorgeous hair- all without sulfates & parabens!

    Reading through the reviews for this product I was struck by people who said it smelled great, but not specifically what it smells like, which is a hazard of ordering online. One woman's Strawberry Bliss is another woman's Toxic Berry Hell. "Spicy exotic" sounded good, and it is accurate. The scent reminds me of hazelnuts, incense, spice cookies, and amber. It smells like Morocco in the best possible way, without being overpowering.

  • Ethan O'Leary - It's actually a really nice, simple design

    I wanted to have something portable for development on my Raspberry Pi 3, and after a bunch of searching I happened upon this gem. I couldn't beat the price for the size and resolution. The reviews mostly complained about parts coming loose in shipment, but never complained about the screen itself, so I went for it.

  • Galina Yekelchik - Love this

    I love this product. I use it after every time I shave. Since I have started using this (several years ago), I have not gotten razor bumps after shaving. I used to get it really bad on my thighs and it would be really noticeable and embarrassing. Recommend this for those who want their razor bump issue resolved. Best thing you can use.

  • Anthony M. - No good.

    Stayed clean for 3 days b4 I took the drink. Did everything it said ,took a pre test 5 times it still came out positive. No good.

  • Mom2two80 - Nails!

    I had my nails done last year (acrylic junk) which ruined my nails.. And my nails wouldn't grow at all.. Not until I took these. I had tried all kinds of hair and nail pills trying to get them to grow back and nothing worked until I started taking these. (I already have TONS of hair) People can review this and that about absorption and such, but I KNOW this stuff works. I will be ordering again!

  • Deborah Marsha Nesbitt Bulloch - Thank

    If I get free kindle books can I get Christian books like Joyce Meyer John Bevere Bill Winston Fred price something I like I have not found a book I like for free since I became a member

  • tuckertulbert - Really softens your hair!

    My hair is very thick and coarse. I love Joico shampoo and conditioner and decided to try Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment. It really makes my hair soft and has a nice scent. When the tube is empty, I will definitely buy another one!