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City: 30.5233 , Ukraine

  • S.L. - The energy was crazy

    Every BPI product I've tried I've gotten some result from them, with this one being no different. Didn't see much a change in weight or inches, but the energy was exactly what I was looking for. I have very long days with 2 children 3 and under and this product was able to keep me going throughout the day.

  • Tom H. - ... body so complaints of 300% niacin in Spark is BAD apparently should read up on water soluble vitamins

    Niacin is a water soluble vitamin and is not "stored" in your body so complaints of 300% niacin in Spark is BAD apparently should read up on water soluble vitamins!

  • helen boone - Curiosity

    After seeing this item on an daily basis at work, I decided to try it out along with the slender cleanse, ordered it on a Thursday, received it on the next day, took first dose on following Saturday, today is Monday and I do feel more energetic, and have less cravings. As far as excercising, I can do that and get paid for it while actually working. Not quite sure of the weight loss as of yet, will give its a week to see! The product I used was manufactured by Team Innovation, sorry

  • Alexey Dmitriev - Possible SIM card compatibility issues

    I tried many watches. I was hoping that this one is good buz it's now that cheap. But it's not. I've tried T-mobile and USMobile SIM cards. Signal is strong but in one case data works but no phone call, and in other case opposite (calls ok but no data). I have to send it back :(

  • Amazon Customer - Happy Customer!

    I ordered my flex belt several months ago. I was skeptical but I decided to try it since it had a money back guarantee. I figured I had nothing to lose… So I thought I'd give it a try. I love the flex belt I now have a flat stomach! I am wearing clothes that I never thought I would wear just to show off my stomach! This was the best investment that I have ever made! I love how it works! I can feel it working throughout the day! My friends look at me in amazement and tell me how great I look! I would highly recommend the flex belt!