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  • jenn - perfect for my needs (I'm not a runner!)

    Prologue: For the last two years, I've only worn Vibrams. Every day. Rain, snow, summer, whatever. Before I wore the vibrams, I was spraining my ankles every couple of months. Now, no sprains in over two years, despite the fact that my ligaments are still too loose and pop out of their groove every so often.

  • Susan E. - RoC Deep Wrinkle Daily Moisturizer SPF30

    I've reviewed this product in the past. Roc is great for those of us with aging skin. For me, it does reduce the look of my fine, little wrinkles and crows feet, unfortunately it doesn't make them disappear totally. It also seems to reduce those pesky little dark spots that pop up. It takes a few weeks to notice it doing its job, nothing happens over night ladies. But you will have softer, smoother skin than before you started using this product.

  • joseph talty - Rip Off

    Paid 800 dollars to have Xzilon applied to my new camaro. It does give the car a waxed appearance, but it definitely does not live up to the company's protection guarantees. Some tree sap fell on the care, and it quickly ate right through the paint. Tree sap is specifically covered under their warranty. I put a claim in, with photos included. The claim was denied without explanation, and no one from the company would respond back to any of my inquiries as to the reason why. It is basically paying 800 dollars for some off the shelf turtle wax. Avoid at all cost!

  • M Bernstein - Fun To Read & Interesting!

    I like learning new things everyday and in between this book and Dan's daily emails, I am assured I always am. This is a great book for anyone who wants to learn random and new things. The chapters are so short that I read 1-2 a day and finished the book quickly.