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  • R. E. Brantley - Another great read

    With Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers, John Sanford has two of the great protagonists in fiction today. I have a hard time waiting for the next book in each series.

  • QA Tester - Yea...

    Sure the contents were a bit shaken up, sure it was a bit of a mess, but you know what? When this retard here forgets to close his sunroom right before a rain storm, and a cheap product like this is able to magically suck the moisture out of the whole car and NOT leave it smelling musty? You know what, you did a FINE job Mr. Damprid....

  • puppy lover - I love it, and now I just bought my set ...

    I bought my 1st Cutco cleaver 10 years ago from a rep, since I couldn't afford a set. I love it, and now I just bought my set from another rep. for the same price, but I get many free items. If you are in the DFW area, she will be glad to sell you a set. You can email text me @214 455-3464 for her info.

  • Troy Williams - My favorite outdoor lighting

    Have them on the front gate to light up the walkway. Works perfectly. Good amount of light, stays lit for most of the night.

  • Richard Campbell - The Manufacturer, not, Amazon has issues..

    I most likely would like the product, however the company "Ubisoft" will NOT support the product.! I got a bad CABLE, and they WILL NOT REPLACE IT... So I can't use the product, as it is... I have used this product on another persons computer, and it's great, if & when, it works.! This is NOT an issue with Amazon.com, it IS an issue with the Manufacture, UBISOFT...! So NO, I DO NOT RECEMMEND THE PRODUCT, at least NOT until they make it right with ME....!

  • HappyHubby - A military endorsement

    I have served in the US Army for over 12 years. I can say that there is technology being used by the military that is rarely seen in the civilian sector. Once in a while, however, an amazing product is released by the DoD for civilian use. The 571B is one of those products. Although once called the M571B Tactical Banana Slicer (TBS)V1, they have declassified it for public use. I am glad to see this product on the market today but I will warn you now, this is a CIVILIAN model and not designed for field use!