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  • onlye - why throw away all my knowledge and make it so hard

    I have used Microsoft Word and Excel since version 1. I just finished trying to do a work with a fairly simple document in Word and as has been the case since 2007 its just a dang fight. All my knowledge gained over the years of using Office applications is made useless. Where the heck are the functions I knew how to use? Why is it so hard to do what I use to know how to do.

  • Fashionista - RealDose WLFN1 it works

    I have tried other supplements which have worked ... mostly, but this product works 100% of the time for me. Each time I have stopped regularly using RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 (WLF1), my tummy gets bloated and my appetite and desire for foods not good for me increases greatly.

  • Ben Gordon - BEST FPS IN YEARS!!!!

    I played the beta for BF1 and was skeptical. But after getting my hands on the full version I can say this is the most incredible FPS i've played since first trying CoD 4 so many years ago. The game is beautiful, gritty, and hard, but fair. THIS is a next generation FPS that puts modern day Call of Duty to shame!

  • lauralynnee - Works Great But Must Be Patient When "Luring" Them

    We bought this for a family of ground squirrels that moved in. Within the first hour we caught 3, we removed those and reset it and caught 2 more within another hour. We then put it away and put it out the next morning about feeding time and caught what we believe to have been the last one. This trap works great!

  • Michael G. - This is a good upgrade to my shop!

    This collector is working out great for me. I have it under the out feed table of my saw horizontally on a custom stand with the bag horizontal as well. It has more power than the Harbor Freight unit it replaced. It hardly leaves anything in the saw because it is very close. This is the same unit as the Dust Right from Rockler and it is less expensive.