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  • Margarette L. Ramsey - She is beautiful

    She is beautiful and is now part of my granddaughter's collection. Add her to your collection. All little girls love these fanastic collector dolls. You won't be disappointed.

  • mamadeus - Too many bugs! Keep 2013 or 2012 for now!

    Long time Quicken user, I love it, but I am trying to go backwards to 2013 because 2014 has so many bugs and weird changes. If you haven't purchased 2014 I would wait until they've fixed the bugs. I've never had a problem with 2013.

  • DenaMaDena - Results Not Impressive

    I bought into the rave reviews and purchased this conditioner. I have used it twice. Once I left it on overnight; the other I went into the sauna and then rinsed and shampooed. The results are not outstanding. Left my hair soft but kinda waxy feeling, yet the ends felt dried out within a day or two. FYI, I am African American with long hair. I texlax and color my hair. Ojon is not worth the cost.

  • William J. Andrus - Bought for my mom

    Went to sears and saw it for about $400, bought it as a Christmas present. For a cheap price, the image was clearer compared to other low price LCDs around 32 inches.

  • The Gooch - If you just want finely ground coffee, this is for you.

    This is my first burr style grinder so I have nothing to compare it to. I've primarily been using it on a coarse setting for my French Press and it works great so far (used 10+ times) and the price is right. Once I figured out the grind settings (wasn't completely clear in the instructions) I've been good to go.

  • Robert Breton - Make a beauty more beautiful with these roof trim pieces

    I like a bit of bling on my cars in the form of chrome, stainless steel parts. But, I don't like them to look added on. If it looks like it was a factory option, then it usually ends up on my car. These two chrome looking strips look great. They are flexible and are self adhesive backed with 3M backing for easy and quick installation. They fit right over the existing painted roof strips. There may be some trimming to fit perfectly, but that is done with a pair of scissors. The end result is very nice. It gives the car a new look, and it really stands out especially when parked next to a car without the upgrade. I highly recommend this product.

  • Mary - I'd give it a zero if I could

    The new link is better than the app revision from the fall but it is still dreadful. The largest type size is still too small, smaller than the original app. The type size defaults to the smallest (microscopic) size every time you open an issue or turn a page, so you have to toggle the type size. Upon resuming a long article you have to scroll from the top and try to locate where you left off. An entire third of the screen is a blank white margin - wasted space - more time spent turning pages instead of reading. I've been reading The New Yorker for years - the content is excellent - but navigating the KindleFire version is a painful experience.