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  • Dr. donna - The jury is still out

    I was looking for a product for years to help with my dogs teeth and finally decided on this product. I apply this right on my dog's teeth daily. I am hoping that it diminishes all the plague that she has. She is a rescue and has horrible teeth. She had one dental and did poorly with it so no more of those. I'm going to use the whole bottle and will post again in the future. If this works ( fingers crossed ) on her teeth then it will get 10 stars.

  • Pixie8 - Wonderful insomnia aid

    I suffer from terrible insomnia. I know this is in large part due to the fact that my husband has to sleep with the TV on all night and I do very poorly with that. I only sleep in the dark with the TV off I like silence and pitch black but he needs that you found so I make that sacrifice. I refuse to take sleeping pills because I don't like the after-effects and I need to be able to wake up without being groggy in the middle of the night because I have small children. These have proven to be a fantastic alternative and I take them about 40 minutes before bedtime and as soon as I lay down I fall asleep very easily. I wake up in the morning feeling rested I am not groggy or hard to Rouse and anyway. In the middle of the night if my toddler gets up I'm able to wake up easily without the effects of a normal sleeping pill. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a natural alternative to a sleeping pill and struggles with insomnia.

  • J. White - Works OK

    I downloaded the App and paired it with my iPhone 5 without problems. The unit worked Ok during testing but was nothing special. As long as you are within bluetooth range it works OK. That is a real limitation though.

  • Richard MacDougall - Quicken 2014 Android App doesn't work!!

    I purchased Quicken 2014 for Windows so I could use the compatible mobile App on my Android. I have been able to sign onto the program on my PC using my ID and Password but, after hours of trying, can still not sign onto the mobile App, always get an error message "Login Failed", have reset the caller ID and Password at least 10X. Tried going to Quicken Customer Support on-line, finally came to the realization that there is no way to fix the problem on-line. Quicken claims that they have "real live person" customer support and you can get a phone number; learned this is impossible to do with this product. Quicken has the absolute worst customer support I've yet to come across.