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  • Duke - This is my favorite book to study for the Technician Test

    This is my favorite book to study for the Technician Test, love the way Gordon West presents his books, they are easy to read and retain with, he has a way of making it more fun to learn your Ham Operator's Test. You won't be disappointed

  • meat pagen - Great product and a good price

    Great product and a good price. I recently decided to get wireless headphones and returned the first pair I got from a different company in this price range. The first pair I had were so tinny I couldn't even enjoy podcasts. I returned them and went with these. The Senso Activebuds are great. Music sounds good, bass and treble are balanced. Very happy. I was also impressed with a follow up e-mail I received from Senso inquiring about my satisfaction. They seemed willing to listen to and resolve any complaints. I have none.

  • Debo - Teddy Bear ride

    OMG I love it!!!!!! Made very well. I will have this for a long time. I am 5' 7" and have no problem at all with the standard size. The waist is plenty big thank god there is a drawstring waist. Can't wait until halloween now. You won't be sorry for this purchase it has already brought plenty of laughter to this house.

  • Amazon Customer - horrible turned my computer into a monster

    OMG I had this on my computer for less than two days, it took over. I turned every feature off and still had issues. of course they don't provide a toll free number, so called, cancelled, still no refund, opened a dispute with paypal, of course the people that process the refund say that cant do anything they just TAKE your money. any link to customer support comes up as inaccessible page I cant imagine a worse experience

  • Misty M. Winger - Worked perfectly to renew same version in 2014 when expired.

    I read another review and though huh that never occurred to me but makes perfect sense. What the other reviewer mentioned is to buy the previous edition to save money and well Norton updates for free so you basically save money and still have the most current up to date protection at the same time ;) So that is what I did and it worked like a charm and my bank account has a few extra dollars for me to shop for other goodies or pay those never ending bills ugh bills. This edition is the exact one I installed on 3 of our computers and save some time and do not uninstall this and reinstall it...just use the key and go to the renew menu and input the key into there to renew your coverage. I did end up uninstalling this and reinstalling it on one computer first and then it dawned on me I wasted time doing that and saved time on the other two and just plugged in the key. And to answer the question a lot of people have once you use the key once your coverage begins at that time for all three uses. The three uses available do NOT begin the date you install them independently. So if you buy a third computer and use the third use on it lets say a week before your coverage on the first computer ends well this third computer will as well only have a weeks worth of coverage regardless of the fact you just installed it on it. So if you only use 2/3 uses before the years time you installed use one you missed out but also it is a great deal and it only takes one wrong click to get a virus or leaving your computer open and vulnerable. Tell you what I let our coverage expire and waited about a month or two to renew the coverage/ add it again and I could tell a difference so its worth every penny and I only trust Norton. Great to have for the rest of the family that is not as computer savvy and watched what they download and such as it will not allow them to download infected things. That means it saved computer savvy mom a lot of headaches and hours trying to fix their computers too. Take that from experience and just spend the money I mean the computer was not cheap was it? I myself love my computers but do not like the cashier telling me the total when I purchase them new...