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  • Sarah K - it's okay

    It works okay if you want a quick fix for some ugly counters. I applied this approximately 4 months ago and there are parts of my counter already peeling up. I would suggest someone use evirotex or an epoxy like it for a more sturdy and long lasting top coat. (just make sure you follow the directions for evirotex to the T) You do not have to buy a kit to have great looking faux granite counters, it's all in the way you paint it yourself. Get some samples from your local home improvement store that you like and go buy your own paint with an epoxy top coat.

  • Amazon Customer - Absolutely the best mattress!

    My wife likes soft mattresses and I like hard. We can now agree on something! Definitely the best mattress we have ever experienced. When I first saw this on Kickstarter I knew that I would be getting this mattress. Everything they say about it is absolutely true. To really experience how awesome it is we switched to jersey knit fitted sheets. The mattress is best when you have as little as possible in between you and the mattress itself so get rid of your mattress protector if you plan on getting this mattress. Kids love jumping on it too. I also found that I wanted as thin of a pillow as possible, even no pillow sometime because it feels so good without one.

  • Joan - great buy

    i love the design as well as the cute cover. i am so happy to have it. this is the perfect planner for me.

  • EPrice - Solar Lights are the BEST!

    I have a large yard and the street lights do not reach around the house. I'm not an electrician either, so soar lights are the perfect answer to those dark spots in the yard - OR for landscaping and highlighting your home at night. Although I received these lights free, I am choosing to leave this unbiased review as a direct reflection of my personal experience using them. The packaging and delivery was as secure and prompt as expected and the setup of the lights was extremely easy. Directions were enclosed, however I didn't need them as they are consistent with other products like this that I have used. (I did read them though!). All pieces were intact, wrapped separately and easy to assemble. The stake settled in the pole quite securely and has enough tip to be able to seat into the ground with ease. The lights came on immediately once activated so I set them out to charge. Once they were charged (for a day) they have been very bright, illuminating the yard and surrounding areas quite well. These lights are a nice silver tone and look good in the daytime and when lit up at night. They don't come on when I have the back porch light on, but they are on when there are no lights on around them. That's addressed in the directions as well. I am very pleased with these lights - they are just what I need in my back yard!

  • Joseph Ghann - Easy to use

    Great product! I am not a professional installer and was a little hesitant on ordering this to install can lights in my bar. It was very simple to figure out and my can lights look awesome!! I love the plastic case it comes in as well. It is great for storing this for a future use.