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  • veraann - Donna Gates is Brilliant!

    One day I picked up the BED book and started to read it from front to back! I was totally drawn into Donna's writing. Having been passionate in natural health for years I could see she left no stone unturned. With so many questions out there in regards to health diet etc. this book has done deep research and gets to the bottom of things. It answered so many of my questions. It made so much sense I decided to put it in practice. I have never felt better or looked better. I have followed the principles since I read the book (which I think is about 5-6 years) and love it! I am at my desired weight, people ask me what I eat and what I use on my skin all the time. It's nice when they think I am younger then I am as well :)). What I love about the book is it addresses the innerecosystem, the immune sytem, the digestive system, candida, the organs etc. It isn't just about what foods to eat. When it does cover the foods we should eat it explains in great depth - which foods and why...how much, food combining etc. Being a twenty-six year ovarian cancer surviver my intent is what to do to live and survive the healthiest and fullest that I can. Sure, I want to look good but its deeper then the surface. This book goes deeper then the surface. My heart breaks when I watch the American people put all this junk and processed food in their bodies. These are living human bodies we have! How can it survive on chemicals and junk food. It really break when I see what adults are feeding their children...these precious little souls. We need to take care of our bodies and our precious loved ones! Donna's book is far my favorite. Listening to here speak is also worth every minute of my time. Thank you Donna and am looking so forward to your next book!!

  • Alaskan buyer - Unlimited hot water in Alaska

    I purchased this unit in September 2010, I installed it myself in my first floor utility room. I live in Alaska, I'm on a well which means the incoming water temperature drops in the 30's during winter months. I have only had one issue to date, which was just a rubber seal which was covered under warranty by manufacture. Quick and simplement replacement with free shipping over the phone. Other than that issue the only maintenance I perform is draining and cleaning of filters and dust in and around unit. Couldn't be happier, unlimited hot water in Alaska!

  • Amazon Customer - It's okay...

    For a free book, sure why not. However it just seemed like the same recipes repeated. I however would not pay for this.

  • L. Andrews - This software is unreliable if you live in a state ...

    This software is unreliable if you live in a state that has sales taxes. It completely left that out from my itemized deductions, and it turned out to be $1000 itemized deduction. It's also cumbersome and asked way too many questions compared to the leaders, H&R Block and TurboTax.

  • Amazon Customer - ... for my annual trips to Vegas and I highly recommend it for anyone planning a trip there

    This is my second time purchasing this book for my annual trips to Vegas and I highly recommend it for anyone planning a trip there. The coupons alone more than cover the cost of the book. My favorites of course being the free play and match play coupons.

  • RVgirl - RV Air Freshener

    Purchased this product to place in the storage compartments of our motor home. Not only is it a product that has a pleasant odor to refresh the air, but also is a deterant for four legged critters. We have used this product for more than four years and are very satisfied with the results. We highly recommend this product.