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  • Mama5MSP - The color is adorable and the seat itself seems soft and comfy

    The color is adorable and the seat itself seems soft and comfy. Unfortunately the seat is not adjustable/reclineable while the child is in it (no ability to recline your sleeping kiddo!) which right there is enough for me- not a fan of the slumped forward child sleeping. Plus it is a real pain to take in and out of the car and horrible to tighten for proper and safe installation ( YES, even the fire station folks said this) If I could've returned it I would have...

  • J. F. Stafura - Another nice cooking tool

    This is a pot that fit between the larger 8 qt french oven, and the 3.5qt sauce pot. The size is eight for smaller meals and the near perfect heat distribution of the Le Creuset cook ware makes this useful for sauteing and small frying chores, the higher sides keep the splatter in the pan.

  • Willis G. Curtis - Now we're cooking...

    Software arrived on time, loaded easily and works as described, although not quite as I had envisioned. But, I'm still quite pleased with the software. Video tutorials are very good, and got me well on my way to entering all our recipes without having to type them in a letter at a time.

  • W. Shin - I gave this book three stars because I live in ...

    I gave this book three stars because I live in Calfornia and travel mostly on the west coast. The west coast does not have as many USA interstate highways as the east coast. In California, we have many State freeways. This book does not include State freeways. Therefore it is not as useful.

  • The Doug - greatest stuff ever

    This seasoning is great. I use it on chicken on the grill and it keeps the meat juicy and tender. It has a wonderful taste. I even use it on other meats, not just chicken. But with chicken it is the best. Would recommend this to anyone. try it you will like it. I use it on baked chicken in the oven as well. almost like a shake and bake but better. LOve it!!!!!!

  • Nicole - Does Not Work As Advertised

    I purchased this product almost a month ago. I have had a support ticket open since the day I bought it and is still unresolved! I cannot use the mobile app and it will not connect to my bank for automatic updates. I get "Unexpected Error, Not your fault". I have been told by customer service that they are working on it, but the issue on their help webpage says it has been going on since April of 2013! I would never have bought this if the mobile part was not functional. Horrible customer service, Intuit.

  • Kim D - 12 years of using Instead!

    Twelve years I've used this product, after chancing upon someone's blog post about it. Life-changing...went from 5-7 days/month of feeling utterly repulsive, to 5-7 days of almost forgetting I even have my period. I would never go back to pads and tampons. I have to repress the urge to buy a lifetime supply of these.