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  • RF Oregon - Great glove, true to size

    These things hold up through most I can throw at them. They are durable and provide a reasonable amount of warmth. Wish the gel padding was just a bit thicker, but really it is enough. Definitely pleased with them!

  • Vincent - Disappointing garbage game.

    Bought the game the first day it came out, and after three days of playing and wanting to not only love it, but get my $60 out of it, I would describe it as disappointing Garbage. I don't even know where to start. Garbage weapons, garbage time period, garbage game play. Selling it for a loss just before I simply throw it in the trash.

  • blissfulnirvana - My go to primer

    I love too faced products and i love their shadow insurance. This is one of the best eye primers i have used in awhile. I had this a couple of years ago and when i ran out i was so sad. I never got around to buying it again so i was just using foundation or concealer for awhile. I just bought this again this week and oh my how i have missed it. It not only blends well into my skin but it helps make my eye-shadow brighter and more intense and will not budge. Usually i would be reapplying my eye-shadow through out the day as i live in Florida and it is august so is hot and humid, and it feels like your face is going to melt off, but with this primer i don't have to do anything. This stuff makes anything stay. It even works on really cheap eye-shadow that is hard to get to its true color and it makes any eye-shadow so much easier to blend. I highly recommend this product and this will always be my go to primer.

  • Rockeye - TOO STRONG!

    This product is definitely not good for sensitive skin. When I used it, I could smell bleach in it and it destroyed my complexion. Most of the pimples went away but when I used the so-called "Repairing Lotion", it CAUSED more pimples. I put it on my cheek and it was red the next day and I could feel a pimple forming underneath the skin, a cyst-like pimple--the worst kind you can get. The toner contains alcohol, which is too harsh for the skin (Proactiv has an alcohol-free toner) and I got so fed up with it. I stopped using everything after a week because my skin couldn't take it anymore. Be sure to test it on your skin before you use it!

  • PC Pilot - No such thing as "One Perfect Mattress"

    My wife and I ordered 2 Twin XL Casper mattresses (makes a King size) after all the publicity over the "One Perfect Mattress". We slept on them for over 30 days and we both found them to be too hard, giving us hip pain or back pain. The quality of the mattresses was excellent and the Customer Service was exemplary - the free return and refund was handled speedily with no questions asked, but this was not the mattress for us.