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  • Amazon Customer - For Skin

    I found this product in a drawer, I must have got it free with something, no idea what! it says on the bottle for Hair and skin. I've been using it on my face as I had ran out of moisturiser, I just wanted to tell people its fantastic, it's made my complexion more even and I'm sure the wrinkles I was starting to see have reduced a bit.I am trying to find the best price to buy a new bottle now.

  • TheNoomz83 - a brilliant addition to the Bee Gees legacy

    The eldest and last surviving musical Gibb brother has created a lovely, meaningful, and diverse-sounding album that adds to the whole astounding Bee Gees legacy. Every track required extra replays for me to be able to adequately absorb all the depth and quality. This beautifully produced album (by Barry Gibb and John Merchant) is supremely personal and inspired by family.

  • Gaming.Fit - Still the best "pure fitness" game you can get for the Xbox Kinect

    The original Your Shape: Fitness Evolved provided an excellent showcase of what the Kinect was capable of in regards to fitness and exercise. Its motion detection was revolutionary in terms of how well it detected how well you were performing exercises, and the mini-games it included were both tons of fun and moderately good exercise.

  • Didi - Thruth at last.

    This was a very interesting book seting forth the facts about whay is going on and the media should be ashamed for the lies it tells 'l

  • ashley - I love these a little annoying to put together but it's ...

    I love these a little annoying to put together but it's my fault I had no power tools I squat n bench on it but it's hard to wide grip bench seeing that the lowest setting is a little high ... But I seriously feel this is a great buy