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┬░HOTEL YASMIN BODRUM 5* (Turkey) - from INR 17114 | iBOOKED - Yasmin Bodrum - The pleasant 5-star Yasmin Bodrum Hotel is a great place to stay in Bodrum. This hotel is situated 16.

Country:, North America, US

City: -77.539 Virginia, United States

  • Anonymous - My 3 year old daughter loves this pet. However ...

    My 3 year old daughter loves this pet. However, I have to change the batteries every 3 days or it gets stuck just crying. Without exaggeration, I have changed the batteries three times in one week. At first, I thought there was something wrong with it, but I exchanged it and the second one does the same thing. I haven't tried rechargable batteries yet.

  • lao tzu - All went smoothly

    I have used this software for the past few years and have no complaints. It is easy and straightforward with fortunately no surprises. I don't know how it would work for a more complex filing since mine is relatively simple.

  • Calamity Jane - The slots are fun and the graphics are great

    The slots are fun and the graphics are great, Mozart is my favorite slot. They don't pay out enough winners though, so you can't build up your balance and bet bigger, unless of course you want to buy some coins. Now I don't mind buying coins occasionally to keep playing a game I'm really having fun playing, but not on a constant basis. I feel the games are designed just to force you to buy coins.

  • Mbing - I gave 2 stars because hate is a strong word

    I gave 2 stars because hate is a strong word. Really dissapointed is the best description for the following reason. I had been very pleased with this product in every way after receiving several 5lb bottles of it, until all of a sudden I received one which was different in texture, taste and results. It seemed diluted when compared to the last bottles I had ordered. I really like the type of protein, the great taste even with water, etc. But when this last bottle came it took 2-3 scoops to even approach the flavor and consistency of 1 scoop of the last bottle. So, thinking this was a fluke I sent it back and requested a new bottle, same thing. I tried one more time and still the appearance, taste, everything seemed very diluted. I would to love to have this back at its original strength. I am a healthcare provider and people ask me for recommendations for these type of products and I also share with collegues who are health conscious (no, not all of us are...unfortunately!). So please correct this problem. In the mean time I will be using a different product. Not sure which yet.

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    If your trying to green your yard rapidly, this product will not do the trick. If your wanting to help your root system expand, strengthen, and have a more green and thick result over the long haul, this product is your ticket....

  • May-May - Soooooo Gooddddddd

    I was so happy to read the final in this series it was so good. She scared for a min I thought she took my boy out the game. That dam Macy glad she got what she deserve.

  • Melissa Dobson - Nice

    Well I would've given it a 5star rating but the handle is a bit hard to crank. I didnt have much on the spout for it to get stuck. But it does do the job. I've done sirloin steak in this thinly cut to use for hamburgers. They turned out awesome. It is a process to clean which I don't like. But I don't really like to clean anyway. It is sturdy for it to be plastic. I was really surprised.