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  • mallard - In general I like it although sometimes it doesn't let me do the ...

    Have used DeLorme Street Atlas for several years. In general I like it although sometimes it doesn't let me do the route I want without having to use a lot of inserts. It still can't find COSTCO in Carson City, NV even though it's been there for years.

  • Linda M. Robertson - Great for Pain

    I have used this device for nearly ten years now. This is my third unit. I have chronic tendinitis and it is the only thing that brings me relief. I use it on the highest setting, with or without heat, for two sessions per time. I have used it for tennis elbow and shoulder bursitis, as well as other inflamed tendons. The evidence has shown it brings more blood into the tendons which is what is needed for healing. It can also be used by diabetics for lower limb problems. I highly recommend this device.

  • Vin Z - Nice, but there are better

    It really could use a display that is always on (you have to tap it for it to show what percentage (each LED represents 20%) of your daily step goal you have achieved). Also, it occasionally goes into "Sleep" mode when shaken vigorously when drying hands after washing, but is easy to recover to normal mode. Charging it every 5 days is a pain since you may be out and about when it quits due to low battery. The iPhone app and PC software with activity tracker are great. Subsequently, I bought a Garmin Vivofit which combines pedometer, heart monitor (with strap) since I do a lot of stationary bike work with no arm movement, and watch into one device with a continuous digital display and year long battery life. I like it better. I gave the Fitbit to my wife to try.

  • James Cole - Quickbooks Simple Start

    Terrible program. They do a bait and switch to try to get you to upgrade to pro. I couldn't open my older company files. Yes, they do say on the box that the program is intended for "first time users" and won't open older files, but I didn't notice that. Now to return the program, I need to take the time to mail the thing in to Intuit with a dated receipt. INFURIATING! There is absolutely no reason they should hobble the software like that--I don't need all the fancy reports, and I thought the program had all the features I needed.