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Menstrual cup Yuuki - The menstrual cup is a modern sanitary aid for women, serving to collect menstrual fluid and constituting an economic alternative to sanitary towels and tampons.

  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/yuuki Menstrual cup YUUKI - Menstrual cup Yuuki is produced by a Czech - EU company specializing in health care products.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/production From what is the menstrual cup made? - The YUUKI menstrual cup is made from liquid silicone rubber Silopren LSR 4050.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/how-to-do-it How to do it? - Using the cup, after a bit of patience with first inserting, it is convenient and quick.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/frequently-asked-quesstions Frequently asked questions about the menstrual cup - This page will answer frequently asked questions relating to the menstrual cup. Whether or not it is safe to be used accurately and many other issues.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/terms-and-conditions Business conditions - The business conditions define in more detail and specify the rights and duties of the Seller and the Buyer.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/disingecting-water-aquiant Disinfecting water Aquiant® - Aquaint is a revolutionary 100% NATURAL Sanitising Water that also kills 99.9% of Bacteria in seconds.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/contact-information Contact information BETA obchodní společnost, s.r.o. - Contact information BETA obchodní společnost, s.r.o. are phone +420 732 766 278 and e-mail: [email protected].
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/cs/homepage Menstruační kalíšek, Menstruační kalíšky Yuuki, Hygienické potřeby - Firma BETA obchodní společnost, s.r.o. nabízí menstruační kalíšek Yuuki, který patří mezi moderní hygienické potřeby.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/it/homepage Coppetta mestruale Yuuki - Coppetta mestruale è un dispositivo igienico moderno da donna, che serve a raccogliere il sangue mestruale ed è un’alternativa economica agli assorbenti e tamponi igienici.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/fr/homepage La coupe hygiénique Yuuki - La coupe hygiénique est un moyen hygiénique contemporain pour dames servant à la rétention du sang de menstruation, c’est une alternative économique des serviettes et des tampons hygiéniques.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/es/homepage Copa menstrual Yuuki - La copa menstrual es un utensilio higiénico para señoras que sirve para retener la sangre de menstruación y constituye una alternativa económica de compresas y tampones de menstruación.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/ru/homepage Менструальная чашка Yuuki - Менструальная чашка - это современное дамское гигиеническое приспособление, которое служит для улавливания менструальной крови и является альтернативой менструальных прокладок и тампонов.
  • http://www.yuuki.cz/en/eshop-travel-bag-detail-373#detaiLDesc Travel bag - Keep everything nicely packed with you. Perfect for traveling, practical and useful for protecting all your necessary things.

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  • Amazon Customer - I just installed this item and I LOVE it!

    I just installed this item and I LOVE it!! Such a breeze to put on. (instructions are pretty vague but if you watch a short youtube video before hand its super easy) also only took about 10-15 min!!

  • Amazon Customer - IT REALLY WORKS NO BS!

    I am naturally losing my weight after having my second child!! I never write reviews at all!! This is the REAL DEAL people!! I feel more energized, more confident. if anyone wants to detox naturally here is the key!!!!! thank you for your amazing product!!!

  • Heather belle - Always the 'best American...

    Have only just 'cracked' the binding but this is my favourite in the Best American series. There is an eclectic mix of genres--something for everyone, as the cliche goes.