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  • dizzy - Okay preparation

    I had this and the Kaplan. Both are the same, just taught differently. I liked Kaplan better, it reminded me more of my GRE exam. Regardless what Ive learned is no book can prepare you for the information they just help you get accustomed to the layout of the actual test.

  • kristie bento - This blows your mind in a cryptic and familiar hint of what we knew and forgot but better remember quick!

    I chose this rating because this is the first book to put all the hints together and show how it all fits. And it really makes sense. It's what you know but your over rational mind blurs it out to preserve your ignorance. Because as Satin says, Ignorance is bliss. (For a time)

  • Richard A Decker - Unrepairable

    Yes it works great but eventually the "hose" that connects will break and there is no replacement/repair option. The first one broke by the power unit and I managed to fix it until it broke again - same place. The second one broke at the base of the brush and I opened it up and reconnected it but it broke right away at the same point (the entrance to the brush housing. I have gone through two and will now opt for a different product. If there were a way to repair it I would give it a 5. i use it daily and have no issues otherwise. I even called the mfr.

  • Judy Woo - Quicker Comprehensive Ways to Handle Your PersonalFinances

    This book,"Quicken 2012 The Official Guide", has proven to be extrememly helpful in keeping track of our financial responsibilities. We bought it and also bought "Quicken 2012 Quick Steps", a simpler guide that works well with the more detailed, larger volume. Between these two all of our questions have been answered.

  • dadlee - Newest fleet addition

    Fifth visit to the Hess line for this grandfather, with as good a result as the first, second, third, and fourth. I have yet to order a vehicle that did not match the description in Amazon's online display, including both new and used models -- commendable both for the online store and its suppliers. Given that this is a Hess truck, I have faith that it will survive the crash! boom! bam! that awaits -- the others have weathered their years splendidly.