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  • Janelle L. Dickinson - manuka honey

    I baught this for my husband,he has a stomach ulcer and used it daily for a month and did not have hardly any stomach upsets at all,he ran out of the honey and within a few days of being out his stomach aches returned.I think theis product really does work

  • Amazon Customer - Wowzzerz

    Didn't have high hopes on a smaller antenna since my trucks factory antenna was 8in. tall. Let me tell you something not only a great antenna now I can park in the garage.

  • Dan O. - Great upgrade

    Easy to install (relatively easy), adds a great look. Glad I went with the Jeep fuel door as opposed to the off-brand/no-name competitors out there. Little more expensive, but in my opinion worth the cost. Recommended to all Wrangler owners looking to add some cosmetic upgrades

  • Ana P. - I like it, everything in time, but missing 2 things.

    My glasses did not came with the "The Icons" little book like it's in the picture, and no stamp in the lens. I'm getting doubts if it is really original. I would like te seller to tell me why.