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City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Stephanie - Not as pictured but better!

    I ordered this mat for the size to use from my larger quilting projects. The same model I'd warped earlier during a move was pictured. The mat that arrived is dark gray on one side and light on the other. In the center of the mat there are quilt square sizes for quick reference--which I didn't expect but I do love! And the redesigned gray mat has numbers that are far easier to see and larger. I'd used the old mat quite extensively and hadn't noticed any wear so I'm excited to see how this one holds up!

  • Veronica Bolin - Are these real viviscal pills?

    I currently just started taking the extra strength that I bought from the official viviscal website. I am unhappy that what I am taking contains iron so I am interested in these professional strength tablets. What I don't understand is why you can't buy the Pro strength directly from the website. You can only buy it on amazon. Are these fake? If they were real wouldn't the official website sell them? One reviewer said that the pills vary in size fr box to box. HELLO doesn't that raise alarm for you? Am I the only one questioning this? Somebody please give me some insight. Why can I only buy this on amazon? Also, how many of these reviews are real? Some people really have crazy good results from these pills. I suspect these reviews are fake. And if I'm correct about that, why would people trick others who are truly battling hair loss? I do not understand. My hopes are that these 30 dollar "professional" strength pills that you can't buy from the website are real and that the crazy good results people get are real too.

  • Anna Louise Percy - Great intro to Iceland

    Great intro to Iceland! Some of the restaurants that were recommended were pretty touristy, but the maps were excellent and the little "hidden gem" features were very worth seeing. I would definitely purchase Lonely Planet books again.

  • smiles - This magical potion worked like a charm the next day it was practically gone

    We live in Florida and a year after we bought our house we saw green moss all over the screens on the screen in patio... This magical potion worked like a charm the next day it was practically gone... A week later no green miss to be found, we later used it on the shed in the backyard the green moss was completely gone within a week or less also. beware its concentrated so you'll need a sprayer to mix water in