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Headache Reliever-Headache Relief-CoQ10 Supplement for Migraine Relief | Trigemin - Headache reliever TRIGEMIN: Physician formulated comprehensive multivitamin including feverfew & CoQ10 supplement for headache & migraine relief-Migraine headache symptoms, frequency and intensity were shown to be reduced in clinical studies

  • http://www.trigemin.com/about/ Natural Migraine Relief - Treatment of Migraines - Migraine Vitamins | Trigemin - Natural migraine relief with TRIGEMIN: Physician formulated comprehensive multivitamin intended to calm and support the nervous system, reduce pain, inflammation and to provide a healthy sustained energy level
  • http://www.trigemin.com/key-ingredients/ CoQ10 Supplement-Feverfew for Migraines-B2 Riboflavin for Headaches | Trigemin - CoQ10 Supplement, Riboflavin, Feverfew & Taurine in a multivitamin that clinical studies have shown to may be beneficial, reducing migraine frequency and severity-TRIGEMIN, a physician formulated nutraceutical

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  • James Breighner - I always use weather tech on all of my new ...

    I always use weather tech on all of my new vehicles. They always fit, and will not let any moisture on the carpets

  • bwan - Worth every penny

    OK So I got lucky and bought before the price went up, but these shoes were worth every bit of what they are going for now. Very comfortable and nice looking. I wear Size 13 shoes. Shimano only makes a few models in this size, BUT the 48s worked for me. My big toes barely touch the front end of the shoe. I'm happy. The ratchet strap is a nice feature and makes it easy to get in and out. They stay secure during the ride. I highly recommend this shoe, even if you are a size 13.

  • Sarah Jane Frederick - Four Stars

    Love stories about the Irish immigration, their bravery, hardships, and endurance. Captivating from beginning to end.

  • Becca - Calming!

    This appears to do exactly what it claims to do. I've been taking this for about a week, and have noticed I'm more relaxed and my anxiety doesn't seem to get to me much. I feel similar results using this as I do using a prescription anxiety drug. I don't need anxiety meds every day, but it works for those occasional anxiety attacks. I was able to purchase this item at a discount or free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I realize a lot of you don't take reviewers who receive discounts seriously, thinking we are paid off to give a good review. That is simply not the case, I usually pay about half the cost of the item, so I am paying for most items, and I wouldn't do so just to write good reviews if the items didn't warrant it, as I don't want to throw away money any more than you do.

  • Da Behr - A complete waste of money..don't go there

    I thought that this product was useless because my floor became filmy and dull. The bonna wouldn't even help remove sticky spots in the kitchen. So I just went back to hot water and a microfiber mop. I decided the finish on my floor was worn out. Now I read other reviewers who are saying the Bona causes the film. Great. Now I am going to try to get the film off, and see if things improve.

  • nihongasuki - It's good but not great

    I bought this mainly for my bikini area. I live by the ocean and love to surf. I am allergic to wax and shaving caused red bumps and ingrown hairs like you wouldn't believe. I bought this mainly to solve that issue and because I liked the idea of going long periods of time without having to shave or do anything. It works sort of. I have treatment areas that really took care of the hair and then some where hair seemed to not be affected at all. I have light olive skin (no tan at the moment) and extremely dark hair, which should be perfect. So far, I am still having to shave but with no red bumps or ingrown hairs. I treat every two weeks as well. Hopefully it will start working better. I may have to set it higher. I currently run it on three, which is the middle. I guess the real take away is what you initially purchased the machine for. I did buy this with the hopes of getting rid of the red bump and ingrown hair problem. But I also wanted to shave less and not have to worry about whether or not I needed to shave before getting in my suit. Overall, I do like it though.

  • Karen Crockett - sucks for pet hair on floors

    After spending an hour or more reviewing vacs online in Nov. 2011, I thought this one would be good for our house with all laminate floors or tile, maybe 1500 sq ft at most--with our new addition of a Border Collie Mix. I must have gotten this erroneous idea from another poster who wrote how great it was for pet hair. Perhaps he meant on carpet. I can say after using the thing for 3 months, 3x/week, for floors, the hair quickly sticks to the cloth-like perimeter of the vac and to the brush bristles and sits there or gets tied up in the bristles. You leave the brush off when using it on floors. I have to walk the vacuum over to a trash can and pull/brush the hair off the bottom of the vac after maybe 300 sq ft of laminate. My dog's hair is about 1-2 inches long.