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The One Chiropractic Centre Penang - Chiropractic is a primary health care based on scientific principles that our body is a self-healing individual. It is a hands-on therapy with drugs free which

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  • Love Jones - You did that! Must read

    Onceeee again!! You did that. Wale & Key are my fav couples out the 2nd generation. I felt all the emotions in this book. That's how u know a book good. I wanted to cry with Taz & his daughter & the whole Bleed scene. That scene kept breaking my heart. I literally had to stop reading just to digest it all. This one story I didn't want to ever end. Like U did with Raven & Jah, the different books with the different phases in their life. I wouldn't mind. I want to know how life treating Wale & Key with Corian...what type of investments they went with. I loved that scene when they were in the car outside of Faces. Idk who I would want to read about next. I'm grateful for this novel. It will hold me until u drop something else. I def will be reading it again. I love how u can have ur books run parallel with other stories. I swear this is how u write a book without doing series. But still keeping the characters we previously loved around. It feels like I know these characters...these characters are in their own little H Town world. Great job Nicole. This is a must read.

  • Burlap and Butter Knives - Excellent frankincense oil

    I use this oil as a calming essential oil in my diffuser. My daughters OT recommended it and i really have found it makes a difference in her temperament and behavior plus it smells really wonderful. The soil truly has a calming and wonderful smell it's great all year round. The oil itself is extremely high-quality and really great I'm a huge fan. I received this oil for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review which I have provided here