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The Network – Addressing Collegiate and Other Drug Issues - Originally formed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, The Network has grown to involve approximately 1,500 institutions of higher education.

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  • Rollinonpartners - On the road again

    This program was easy to use. Mapped out our trip west picked up rv resorts and gas stations. Several friends have this program and love it.

  • Neil Angelino - Nice charging unit

    Nice charging unit. I like the way the electrical prongs fold into the body of the device for easy storage when traveling. Being able to charge two devices at once and very quickly is very helpful when on the road.

  • Vince - Perfect shoe for spin class

    I love these shoes for spin class. They fit well and the stiff shank makes pedaling much more comfortable. Be careful walking around because the combination of a smooth sole and clips make walking on a hard surface without slipping a slow and deliberate process. I anticipate they'll be buried with me since they are well built and never go outside.

  • XrayCow - Rock solid motherboard

    I had originally purchased an ASUS SABERTOOTH x79 mobo for my current build but, alas it was a fail of epic proportions and had to be RMA'd to Newegg. Not wanting to wait for 2-3 weeks to get the replacement board back , I bought this one DX79SR here @ Amazon. I like this board so much that I will be selling the ASUS board once the replacement arrives. Think I found my new motherboard line for the future :) As previously stated in other reviews, this BIOS is simple and straight forward to use, everything worked properly upon first boot, it recognized all of my memory, the PCIE slots all work, everything just worked as it is supposed to. This is what I want from a company , sell me a product that not only has the potential to overclock but,most importantly is user friendly and JUST PLAIN WORKS out of the box :D This board seems to love the 3930k chip I stuffed in it and gets along fine with the rest of the components so , I am stoked ! I will recommend this motherboard to others who are looking . Sorry for the lack of tech lingo/info in this review, just wanted to give the 5 stars to a great motherboard for now ;)

  • John Jordan - Awful Software. DO NOT BUY!

    I have a small bushiness and have used this software for 15 years. It is absolutely the worst, most frustrating, and horribly supported junk I have ever used. I would give it zero stars if at all possible. Today I learned that unless I pay them $800 a year for gold level customer support (which I will never use) then the software will no longer calculate payroll with holding. It is impossible to get the software to do something you want it to do. You have to do everything they way the software demands. I don't know what other options are out there but SAGE 50 is complete garbage.

  • ray thomas - out of work porn actors

    Spent their production budget on the poster artwork. Who backed this financially and how can I meet them... I mean I_ they just want to throw money away, throw it my way. Some movies are so bad they're funny... this is not one of them.

  • gtb444 - Fantastic

    Fantastic product and this is the best price around. Arrived earlier than anticipated. I have been using this product for a while now in conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner. Highly recommended.