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Hormone Replacement Therapy | Anti Aging Clinics | Human Growth Hormone - At The Carlton Clinic, we are THE bioidentical HRT specialists based in Alabama. Do you feel tired? Run down? Can't lose weight? Hurt all the time? There IS hope!

  • http://www.thecarltonclinic.com/cellulite Cellulite Treatment - Cellulite treatment used to be painful and unreliable. Now, The Carlton Clinic offers a NEW treatment that is comfortable, with dependable, long lasting results!
  • http://www.thecarltonclinic.com/page/477117895 Stretch Marks - Treatment for stretch marks used to be painful and/or without result. The Carlton Clinic now offers a new, painless procedure to dramatically reduce them.
  • http://www.thecarltonclinic.com/page/477129597 Acne Treatment at The Carlton Clinic - The Carlton Clinic now offers a juvenile and adult acne treatment that is painless and provides a long-lasting reduction in breakouts.
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  • Greg - Better than most

    I bought this for my grandson and we both like it very much. The heavy grade multi color map has a space punched in each state and there are separate spaces on the last panel for a duplicate set with different mint marks. Inserting and if desired, removing the coins, is easy and there is a notch along the rim of the slot to facilitate removal of the quarter. This album is well worth the price.

  • Surgery100 - Great upgrade in most programs. Disappointing changes in Publisher.

    I've had an opportunity to use Office 2010 Beta edition for a couple of months now and now that I see the full, final, edition I can say that this is a very worthwhile upgrade, except or Publisher. First things first, I am not a techie. I am someone who uses Word, Excel and PowerPoint on a very regular basis, who really liked some of the changes in Office 2007 but who thought some things needed tweaking, so when given the opportunity for the beta edition I jumped on it and have not been disappointed. Office 2010 is to Office 2007 what Windows 7 was to Vista; that is, there are not many breakthrough, drastically different features, but a whole lot of polishing and cleanup to make it easier and more efficient. Overall, the program seems to run faster, incorporates many of the most commonly used options and makes them more accessible (eliminating many dialog boxes and tabs) and allows for more customization.

  • Gary S. - Does the Job

    Playing catch up here but the Norton 360 product works quite well in helping to defend one against the bad guys out there who try to ruin one's day!! A Trusted Product & Name in the Anti Virus war to protect one's information securely!!

  • La NeGriTa - good

    it was needed for a person whose immune system was extremely low and it worked perfectly she is very content

  • Animexstudio - Really comfortable, and daughter loves the cup holder.

    Our daughter just outgrew the infant seat we had since she was a baby, and it was time for an upgrade. For us after safety (which most well rated car seats are) the second most important consideration was "what seat will she be comfortable in and stay calm in." We all know those kids that shriek bloody murder every time you go out to the grocery to pick up some stuff, and my daughter is that kid. This seat was exceptionally comfortable, easy to install, and she simply adores the cup holder. Would recommend to anyone who is willing to splurge on the best of the best, because it is down right comfortable. Believe me, if I could, I'd sit in there myself.

  • ms magoo - This book was not what I was thinking it would ...

    This book was not what I was thinking it would be. I wanted more of a story, suspense, thriller - sci-fi but very possible. Couldn't get into the book.

  • James M. Barnett - Car running great, so far Blue Devil has worked as promised!

    Here's the scenario: 2003 Nissan Altima 2.5 liter, 175K miles on it. Symptoms: Losing coolant, about 8oz a day, but no external leaks. Had a problem with heat going back to last winter - there is no heat when the engine is at idle, the engine has to be around 2K revolutions or higher to get heat from the heater core. This is because there is combustion gas constantly leaking into the coolant system creating a vapor lock in the heater core. Engine has occasional misfires in cylinder 3, I believe caused by coolant leaking into that cylinder. If the radiator is running under pressure the engine sputters and struggles to run at times - I believe because an over-pressurized coolant system is forcing some coolant into the engine. Setting the radiator cap so the radiator doesn't pressurize, the engine runs fine. Replaced both thermostats (yes there are two for some reason) and made no difference. Given those circumstances I was very certain there was a head gasket issue. Because of the high mileage I didn't want the expense of doing a head job, so decided to give Blue Devil a try.