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  • Paul Virtue - Didn't last long

    This was a gift and so by the time I opened it and started it using it two weeks had passed from date of purchase. Now I have been using it three weeks and it is dead but past the return deadline. It is a worthless paper weight.

  • nobody, I'm nobody - Great alternative to name-brand product

    Purchased these for my 2017 Subaru Forester, so if any of you are wondering if they fit the 2017 model Forester, worry not! Snug as a bug. Threw a kayak on top of them and drove 2 hours at 60+ mph with no problems at all.

  • Amazon Customer - Everything was fine until about half hour down I95

    My wife purchased a package of these a few weeks ago. I grabbed a handful on the way out the door for our day adventure at Sea World. I must say they are fruity and rather delicious. Everything was fine until about half hour down I95, traffic stopped due to a wreck. As we inched our way down the highway an unyielding force was pounding at my back door. Normally I can clench my cheeks and man through it. This was not a normal situation. As I sat there riding the brake inching forward ever so slowly, my will began to falter. It was almost like my sphincter experienced paralysis and I could no longer command it to close. Much like a man who is dying letting go to meet his maker, I decided to let go of my exhausted cheeks. A hot wave of thick watery hell fire filled my shorts. The bucket seat contained my shame. Relief and grief hit me simultaneously. For the next hour I sat in my filthy mess while the wife and kids complained of feeling sick from the smell. We finally reached a spot I could pull off the highway. Fortunately my wife had an extra pair of shorts and some towels in the back (she was ready for Shamu to splash us). So, if you were at Sea World last week and saw a guy wearing tight pink short, that was me.

  • Jennifer Rooth - Perfect for kids

    My nephew scampered away with my sister's ipod shuffle, so I got him his own filled with his own music. It won't be as easy to accidentally increase the volume (which is good since my nephew is 4), and it's not cost prohibitive, so in the event my nephew does manage to destroy it, I'd be able to replace it. The earphones that come with it are similar to the ipod "isn't worth the plastic it's made of" earpods, but they'll work for a kid.

  • Jason - WORKED FOR ME

    Universal Nutrition always produces quality products and this is one, use it right, diet and exercise and the gains will come.

  • L.M.Rudland - A Great Start to Investing

    I've read lots of trading books and I like this one the best - easy to read, up-to-date, and packed with useful information. Many books on trading are fine on the easier stuff like choosing a discount broker or the mechanics of trading, but skim over the more complicated process of actually finding stocks to trade. Not this book. Jason Kelly addresses how to find good stocks and use specific criteria so the top choices emerge. He also has a way of simplifying different trading strategies and financial terms. A really useful little guide.