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The Access Organization (T.A.O.) - A Discount Healthcare Program - T.A.O.'s discount healthcare program features plans with discounts on prescriptions, dental care, vision and 24/7 phone access to doctors. Join now.

  • https://www.taomembers.com/about-the-access-organization-tao The Access Organization (T.A.O.) - About Us - T.A.O.'s mission is to provide access to a comprehensive discount healthcare program that delivers savings on a wide range of products and services.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details T.A.O. - Discount Healthcare Program Details - Save money on dental care, vision, prescription drugs and access doctors by phone 24/7. Learn more about T.A.O.'s discount healthcare program.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/contact-the-access-organization-tao Contact The Access Organization (T.A.O.) - Contact T.A.O. to find out more about our comprehensive discount healthcare program and become a member today.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/personal-healthcare-advisor T.A.O. - Personal Healthcare Advisor - Manage your healthcare needs with a Personal Healthcare Advisor available by phone, email or chat.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/uni-care-dental-discount-program T.A.O. - UNI-CARE Dental Discount Program - Join T.A.O. to take advantage of dental savings through the UNI-Care Dental discount program. Save 10%-50% off exams, dentures, fillings & more.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/catamaran-prescription-drugs-discount-program T.A.O. - Catamaran Prescription Drugs Discount Program - Catamaran Prescription Drugs provides discounts of 10% to 85% on drug prices through a national network of over 65,000 pharmacies.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/hearusa-hearing-discount-program T.A.O. - HearUSA Hearing Discount Program - Join T.A.O. to receive a free hearing screening. Members save 17% - 40% off brand name hearing aids and even more on additional hearing services.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/medication-advocacy-program T.A.O. - Medication Advocacy Program - Our program has helped more than one million individuals lower their out-of-pocket costs on prescription medications.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/coast-to-coast-vision T.A.O. - Coast to Coast Vision Care Savings - Get 10% to 60% off eyeglasses, contact lenses and other retail eyewear items at more than 20,000 eye care professionals nationwide.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/teladoc T.A.O. - Teladoc - Telephonic and Online Physicians - T.A.O. Members have access to doctors thru Deladoc for routine medical needs without having to wait in line at their doctor’s office.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/diabetic-care T.A.O. - Diabetic Care Savings - With the Diabetes Care Program you can count on savings from 40% to 60% off supplies.
  • https://www.taomembers.com/discount-healthcare-program-details/healthfitlabs-vitamins-and-nutritional-supplements T.A.O. - HealthFitLabs Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements - Get 45% off a variety of vitamins, natural supplements, healthy pet supplies and personal care products when ordering online or by phone.

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  • Patti Quinn - What can't these bad boys do?

    For true audiophiles only. If you are ok with listening to Celine Dion and Abba in movies, go buy the cheapos at Best Boy, punk.


    I Live in Las Vegas and buy this guide every year. Packed full of offers, coupons, free stuff and information that is recommended for locals like me and others just visiting Las Vegas..If you use just one of the coupons in this guide, It pays for itself.

  • Hazen - Kava Kava

    This product is good enough I am not even going to try another brand. Unless I can somehow come across the actual root at a decent price. Two of these tablets, I take it with Velarian root, and you will not be able to stay awake. The longer I have taken them the better quality sleep I seem to be getting. I know it isn't meant for long terms use but after going down the benzo, and Ambien, route it is a miracle for me to be sleeping again.

  • A. Struthers - Another excellent IDE

    Very much enjoy the direction that Microsoft is going. Being a developer with Visual Studio just keeps getting cooler.

  • Placer - It would have been better to have the exercises in written format

    I found the speaker was very long winded. Two hours to go through 2 of the discs is too long. It would have been better to have the exercises in written format. I can't remember each and every exercise. Getting up and down multiple times is hard for me. It would have been better to have all floor exercise grouped together. The DVD format is too old for some computers. It would have been better to download to my Ipad. It is too cumbersome so search though the DVD for the specific exercise. I agree the methods and exercises are very thorough and will probably help if I stick with them. I tried to download to my Ipad so can view the exercises when I am on the floor but was only able to download DVD 2. It's easier to view things on the floor from the IPAD. I had to down load extra software to save to IPAD so the whole thing has been an expensive investment compared to other options. It's too bad the package is so cumbersome because there is a lot of good material here that could help a lot of people. You need to find a professional editor.