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Welcome to Surgeon & Safari - Surgeon and Safari offers world class surgeons and state of the art facilities, combined with five star pampering and recuperation options in sunny South Africa.

  • http://www.surgeon-and-safari.co.za/procedures/cosmetic_techniques.html Surgeon & Safari – Cosmetic Surgical Techniques - Surgeon and Safari offers a full range of cosmetic, plastic surgery techniques: Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Breast reduction, Brow Lift - Forehead, Calf augmentation, Chin augmentation, Ear surgery, Eyelid surgery, Face lift, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Lip augmentation, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty, Tummy tuck and Non-surgical procedures.
  • http://www.surgeon-and-safari.co.za/procedures/non_surgical_techniques.html Surgeon & Safari – Non– Surgical Techniques - Surgeon and Safari also offers non-surgical facial procedures with Botox, Perlane and Resylane treatments that can be done inconjuction with additional dental and plastic surgery procedures.
  • http://www.surgeon-and-safari.co.za/doctors/markdeist.html Ophthalmic Surgeon - Dr Mark Deist - Dr Mark Deist, ophthalmic surgeon with Surgeon and Safari, specialising in ophthalmic excimer laser vision correction, scleral implant surgery, phakic intraocular lenses and sutureless cataract surgery in South Africa.
  • http://www.surgeon-and-safari.co.za/procedures/ophthalmic_techniques.html Surgeon & Safari – Ophthalmic Surgical Techniques - Surgeon and Safari - offers the following Ophthalmic Surgical Procedure Techniques: Cataract Surgery, Excimer Laser Vision Correction and Phakic Intraocular Implants.
  • http://www.surgeon-and-safari.co.za/doctors/surgeons-orthopedic.html Surgeon and Safari - Orthopaedic Procedures - Dr Mark Ferguson, Dr Josip Cakic, Dr Gavin O'Brien and Dr Glen Vardi orthopaedic surgeons with Surgeon and Safari, specialising in arthroscopic and joint reconstructive procedures for the treatment of both local and international sportsmen in South Africa.
  • http://www.surgeon-and-safari.co.za/doctors/bandagallery/orthopeadic-peter-h.html Surgeon and Safari - Orthopedic Case study - Dr Mark Ferguson, orthopaedic surgeon with Surgeon and Safari, specialising in arthroscopic and joint reconstructive procedures for the treatment of both local and international sportsmen in South Africa.

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  • David L. Worobec - This is the recording that made me fall in love with the show

    This was actually the first cast recording I'd heard of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. This is the recording that made me fall in love with the show. I used to think that PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was the greatest show that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote. But, having listened to SUPERSTAR, I've come to think differently. I now think JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR is the greatest show he's ever written. Religious ideas put aside, the score is powerful, witty, sometimes funny, and very dramatic musically! The performances in the cast recording are phenomenal! In particular, I love the vocals/performances of Steve Balsamo (Jesus) and Zubin Varla (Judas). Awesome rock voices! Seriously, why wasn't this cast in the 2000 film version? I know Glenn Carter is in this recording as Simon, who played Jesus in the 2000 film. But, I really think Balsamo and Varla should've played Jesus and Judas in the 2000 film.

  • K32531 - I like it.

    For this price how could I not. Perfect Illusion is a nice one. But I am also really enjoying John Wayne and Million Reasons as well. So money well spent. Also it was really easy to download and shift to my itunes account.

  • salt of the earth - cute, soft, just the right volume, with nice voice and seems to be built well.

    not sure what all the hoopla is on the other reviews about this little guy. .....I think that he is adorable..and worked perfectly right out of the box. While it is a little old fashioned in that it has a voice box inside of the toy that you pop out from the back Velcro opening, it is also fun and functional and pretty easy to use...I think perfect for it's intended audience. All the described voice prompts work loud and clear, and the buttons on all the limbs, ears, and tummy work just fine with a perfectly easy amount of poking pressure from my 1 year old niece. The voice is caring and pleasant, and the baby seems tickled to have it singing to her. She, within the day, was repeating hello...and was working on good night.

  • Kathy Douris - Great Truck

    I worked for Hess for 20 years and purchased these truck through Hess. Since retired, I was looking for them because my grandchildren love these trucks. They are worth the money because they do so much; lights, sirens, moving parts and they can take a beating. I was so pleased to see Amazon sells them. Thank you Amazon.

  • P. McCoy - Frustrating Trying to Access It! EPIC FAIL!

    When I ordered this, and it arrived yesterday, I expected to find a CD ROM to install in my CD Drive. Instead, inside the box, I discovered a card describing that Internet access is required. I am currently in the process of attempting to download and install this software but have been encountering one glitch after another. At this point, I'm not even certain if I'm going to be successful with this installation. With a CD ROM, I could have had this done and over with LONG before now!

  • classygyrl08 - Did not work for me

    I bought this because I got it on sale at Wal-Mart, and then I read a lot of great reviews about it. I was taking it primarily for hair growth. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. I took the product as directed twice daily for 2 months, and did not see any visible results. In additiion, it broke me out. I've always had pretty decent skin, and would get the occasional pimple or blemish...but since I started taking these, my skin has gone haywire, with constant breakouts and blemishes.

  • angela - very light

    Easy to open and stayed open. I am pretty short so I could not reach into the whole storage area. There was plenty of room for our vacation supplies.