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CPR Certification Classes in Southern California | SureFire CPR - Award-winning classes for CPR certification, ACLS certification, PALS certification, BLS certification, First Aid & more in Southern California.

  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/about/ CPR Certification, BLS Certification & First Aid Classes | About SureFire CPR - SureFire CPR offers premier CPR certification, BLS certification and first aid classes in the Southern California area.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/faqs/ FAQs for CPR, BLS, First Aid - CPR Class FAQs - SureFire CPR is the premier CPR, BLS, AED and First Aid training provider in Southern California.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/employment/ SureFire CPR Employment - We're looking for the best Customer Service Specialists on the Planet! Do you have what it takes? Join our great team today!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/cpr-certification/ CPR Certification, CPR Certification Classes and Training - CPR Certification - SureFire CPR offers CPR Certification Classes throughout California. Learn more about our CPR Certification Class.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/basic-first-aid/ Basic First Aid - Basic First Aid Classes and Training - Basic First Aid - Get a Certification in Basic First Aid at SureFireCPR.com. Start your Basic First Aid Certification with a Top Ranked First Aid Company!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/cpr-aed-first-aid/ CPR, AED and First Aid Certification, CPR, AED and First Aid Certification Classes and Training - CPR, AED and First Aid Certification - SureFire CPR offers CPR, AED and First Aid Certification Classes throughout California. Learn more about our CPR, AED and First Aid Certification Class
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/infant-cpr/ Infant CPR & Child CPR Classes - Pediatric First Aid & CPR - Infant CPR & Child CPR Certification - Baby CPR and child CPR classes for daycare, preschools, babysitters, school bus drivers, childcare workers, and more.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/rcp-dea-y-primeros-auxilios-certificaciones/ Cursos y Certificaciones de RCP, DEA y Primeros Auxilios | SureFire CPR - Recomendado para: Los maestros, entrenadores, guardias de seguridad, y laicos.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/bls-certification/ BLS Certification, BLS Certification Classes and Training - BLS Certification - SureFire CPR is an industry leader in BLS training. Get your basic life support certification with us today.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/online-bls-classes/ Basic Life Support Certification Online | SureFire CPR - Get your basic life support certification online with SureFire CPR. Take the class from home and then come into one of our facilities to get certified!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/acls-certification/ ACLS Certification Classes & Training in Southern California - ACLS Certification - SureFire CPR offers ACLS certification classes in Southern California. Learn more about our classes for ACLS providers.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/acls-renewal/ ACLS Renewal, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, ACLS Recertification Classes - ACLS Renewal, Get ACLS Recertification at SureFireCPR.com. Avoid Expiration of your Certification, Start your ACLS Renewal with a Top ACLS Training Company!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/acls-challenge/ ACLS Challenge Test | SureFire CPR - The ACLS Challenge is for students whose choose to renew by testing out. Visit or call one of our Southern CA locations to find out more.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/acls-certification-online/ ACLS Certification Online - ACLS Online Certification | SureFire CPR - ACLS Certification Online - We provide award-winning classes and ACLS online certifications. Get your ACLS certification online with SureFireCPR today!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/3-star-advanced-training-package/ 3 Star Livesaving Training Package | SureFire CPR - With SureFire CPR's 3 star advanced training package, you can take 3 of our amazing lifesaving classes at an equally amazing discount!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/3-star-plus-advanced-training-package/ 3 Star Plus Advanced Livesaving Training Package | SureFire CPR - With SureFire CPR's 3 star PLUS advanced training package you can take 3 of our advanced lifesaving classes at a big discount!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/4-star-package/ 4 Star Advanced Training Package | SureFire CPR - With SureFire CPR's 4 star advanced training package, you will receive training in 4 different lifesaving disciplines at a big discount!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/5-star-package/ 5 Star Advanced Training Package | SureFire CPR - With SureFire CPR's 5 star package you will be able to take all 5 of our lifesaving course and save 25% on each course!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/pals-certification/ PALS Certification, PALS Course and Training Classes - SureFire CPR provides PALS certification courses in Southern California. Pediatric Advanced Life Support courses are necessary for medical professionals.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/pals-renewal/ PALS Renewal - Pediatric Advanced Life Support Recertification - PALS Recertification - PALS Renewal, Get PALS Recertification at SureFireCPR.com. Avoid Expiration of your Certification, Start your PALS Renewal with a Top PALS Training Company!
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/pals-challenge/ PALS Renewal Challenge in SoCal | SureFire CPR - Take the PALS renewal challenge at one of SureFire CPR's convenient Southern California locations.
  • https://www.surefirecpr.com/pals-certification-online/ PALS Certification OnlineĀ  - PALS Online Certification | SureFire CPR - PALS Certification Online - We provide award-winning classes and PALS online certifications. Get your PALS certification online with SureFireCPR today!

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  • AprilJo - Fun for all ages

    My 9 year old is who requested this, but it has quickly become a favorite for even us, her parents. We love to have dance-offs with her. I appreciate that the movements are not too adult in nature, and the variety in dance grooves appeal to all of our taste-buds...from modern to old school.

  • LizClarke - missing a few things

    The Kindle version did not include the charts / maps / images or Bible glossary that are in the print version. Nor did it include page numbers, but that is not as big a deal, because you don't really go by page numbers for the Bible :)

  • TDBoston - Love my new router!

    Love my new router! I'm very pleased as the set up was easy and the signal strength is exceptional - updating also looks breezy, with the built-in touch/download. I did have to call customer service - which was excellent as I had trouble registering the device - the web address provided appears to have been not available - come to find out, you don't need to register the device in order for it to work, so if you're buying this unit, no worries! Just skip that part of the set up process. My last router (Cisco) lasted for about 5 years and I was very tempted to repurchase this brand, but I my signal is so much better with this unit! Very pleased with the purchase and I'm glad I took a chance on this new company - keep up the good work and the great customer service!

  • JenniferMD - Do not order

    I should have known better after reading so many reviews about poor quality. Our clock stopped working literally the date after the return period expired. The green light does not come on at all. So angry at myself for wasting money on this cheap clock. Don't make the same mistake!

  • jhay - 15 feet above ground vinyl pool

    Wow! I had slow leak for a months wasting water filling up, bout to give up after trying different methods my last resort and it works. A got above ground vinyl pool 15 feet round. It's dry like you won't believe. It was molding on the bottom for months. Now just have to see how long will it seal.. update late.. happy customer