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  • Stann - A great set for avid sports fans

    This 65-inch is the largest set I've ever owned so you can imagine my excitement when delivery day came and I had it all unwrapped and plugged in with the cables I also found on here: http://amzn.to/1Y3o17I

  • Amazon Customer - Luvvie Ajayi is one of my favorite personalities and her book is a true commentary on ...

    Luvvie Ajayi is one of my favorite personalities and her book is a true commentary on everything I care about. If you want to laugh hard, cry a little and think a lot - read I'm Judging You.

  • Larry Blumsack - Depends

    There are pluses and minuses using Soda Stream. The product works great if you don't follow SS instructions. I tracked my refills over time. Waiting for two buzzes 2 seconds each as they recommend in their advertising and on the top of the maching and you'll get maybe 25-30 bottles of seltzer not even close to the 50-60 they promote in their advertising. I press it down and quickly release three times for plain seltzer. 4 Times if I am adding syrup. So I get 50+. The number of bottles you get vary from carbonator refill to refill-lousy product quality control. If you can't get carbonator refills locally don't buy the SS - there is no financial savings that way. I can get the flavors and carbonators locally which is why I haven't dumped the SS. The flavors are a mixed bag. What flavors you will like depends on individual tastes. I focus on seltzer and the sugarless flavors.

  • richard simon - Whirring noise after installing cross bars.

    I found I had horrible whirring wind noise after installing the cross bars.They were able to accommodate my kayak racks but the noise drove me nuts.

  • Chacate - Great temporary fix for dirty, underperforming catalytic converters.

    Ok, here we go. This is a good product, as long as your catalytic converter is intact and not crumbling. It is strictly a temporary cleaning for emissions inspections (like in California). I dropped it the tank, as instructed, with about a quarter tank of fuel still in there. I drove it for about 10 miles and added more fuel. I had previously cleared out the catalytic converter efficiency DTC. I drove the car for about 30 miles on the freeway to allow all the monitors to run. After that distance, I checked the monitors with a handheld DTC scanner. It indicated the catalytic converter and the other monitors had run successfully and everything was operating properly. I drove straight to the smog inspection station and about 20 minutes later, the car passed California emissions. According to the smog technician, the different levels were low except for one. This particular emission, don't remember which one, is indicative of a catalytic converter that is in a deteriorating stage. Sure enough, I drove the car one more day before the "Check Engine" light came on. I used the scanner again. It came back with the same catalytic efficiency DTC. So to recap, it is strictly for temporary cleaning of a catalytic converter that is physically intact but not performing to the required standard. If you have a crumbling, rattling catalytic converter, this or any other cleaning product will not work. Use at your discretion, you know the condition of your vehicle better than I do. I would recommend this to anyone, as long as you have realistic expectations, follow instructions and fully understand it is temporary.

  • T. Hollins - It mostly does the job.

    The concept is that the mold spores don't shoot their spores out like when spraying bleach or a antifungal on them. That's because this spray encapsulates the mold then shrinks as it dries which crushes the mold.