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  • beth e. - I was amazed at how easy it was for her to get ...

    I first encountered this product when a salon hair stylist used this on my hair. I was amazed at how easy it was for her to get the comb through the hair after shampooing and then using this product. I bought some at the shop before I left that day. When the bottle was almost empty I checked Amazon and lo and behold, there it was at a MUCH more reasonable price!

  • triviamcstudmuffin2014 - Not sure how they make it non-stick, but boy, does it do the job...

    This is a terrific product. It seems like nothing will adhere to its non-stick side. I would buy a case of it at a time, if possible. I highly recommend it to anyone who frequently uses aluminum foil.

  • Firecat - Love it!

    Very pleased with this product. I have dermatitis and had been using a very expensive prescription soap (anti fungal) on my skin. When I saw this, I decided to give it a try. It is just wonderful. The soap cleans well, it does smell of tea tree oil, which may bother some. Personally, I love the fragrance, it is very clean and refreshing. I've even used this on my face (though not near the eyes!) and it doesn't dry my skin. I've not had to use a moisturizer on my face since I've been using this. It works just as well (if not better) than my prescription soap.

  • Giuliana Santos - I've never seen the authentic product for less than the price Murad has posted

    I suspect this isn't authentic. At half the price of the original, I probably should've known that, already, but I had hope. Unfortunately, this doesn't feel as hydrating as the authentic product and has a strange chemically scent. Buyer beware.