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Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation | Seena Magowitz Foundation - Seena Magowitz Foundation for pancreatic cancer research is the Face and Voice of Pancreas Cancer - It is dedicated to creating awareness and funding research that leads to early detection, life extension and an eventual cure of this brutal disease.

  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/tgen-foundation/ » TGen, Making Smarter Treatments Become Reality - TGen, Making Smarter Treatments Become Reality The mission of TGen's Clinical Translational Research Division is to extend quality life and ultimately prevent and cure cancer.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/dr-daniel-von-hoff/ Dr. Daniel Von Hoff | Pancreatic Cancer | Foremost Oncologist and Cancer Scientist - Dr. Daniel Von Hoff has dedicated his medical life towards discovering a cure of cancer. Dr. Von Hoff is world renowned for his pancreatic cancer research and involvement in the development of more than a half-dozen revolutionary drugs that have extended the lives of countless pancreatic patients.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/tgen-virginia-piper-pancreatic-cancer-clinical-trials/ » Clinical Trials - Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials The Virginia G.Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare is on one of the original Stand Up To Cancer Dream Teams sites.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/in-perpetual-remembrance/ » In Perpetual Remembrance - In Perpetual Remembrance. Share your thoughts. Share them often. Keep their memory alive. When a cure of pancreatic cancer is discovered, it will be the most glorious gift to those Warriors that lost the battle. For it is they that will have lit the path of medical science.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/seena-magowitz-foundation-major-sponsors/ Seena Magowitz Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research | Major Sponsors - Our major sponsors are prominent visionaries that are committed to the eventual eradication of pancreatic cancer through funding and support medical research.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/pancreatic-cancer-advocates/ Pancreatic Cancer Advocates | Seena Magowitz Foundation - Individual pancreatic cancer advocates that are compassionately dedicated to pancreas cancer research that will extend patient quality of live and an eventual cure pancreatic cancer.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/warriors/ Warriors and Heroes in the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer - Those Warriors fighting the difficult battle against pancreatic cancer. Through these heroes, medical science discovery movesus closer to finding methods of early detection, quality of life extension and ultimately a cure of pancreatic cancer.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/cause/donate-to-pancreatic-cancer-research/ Donate To Pancreatic Cancer Research | Seena Magowitz Foundation - Join the fight to end pancreatic cancer. Please donate to pancreatic cancer research. Until the ultimate result is achieved please help prolong quality of life and discovery of system of early detection of pancreas cancer.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/the-foundation/ Seena Magowitz Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research - About Seena Magowitz Foundation - Mission statement: Bringing people, organizations, advocates and medical research together in synergistic concert to fight pancreatic cancer.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/roger-magowitz/ Roger Magowitz | Founder and SEO of Seena Magowitz Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research - Roger Magowitz started the Seena Magowitz Foundation in 2002 in honor of his Mother, Seena who died from pancreatic cancer in 2001. He dedicated his life to advancing pancreatic cancer research with an ultimate goal of helping medical science to discover a cure.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/seena-magowitz/ Seena Magowitz | Legacy Behind The Foundation For Pancreatic Cancer Research - Roger Magowitz lost is Mother to pancreatic cancer - Roger had known little about cancer of the pancreas and committed his life to funding pancreatic cancer research as a legacy to his Mother Seena Magowitz.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/annual-seena-magowitz-golf-classic/ » Annual Seena Magowitz Foundation Golf Classic - David Dombrowski Teams With Seena Magowitz Foundation To Support Pancreatic Cancer Research Broadening its nationwide scope, the Seena Magowitz Golf Classic — a multi-million-dollar fundraising spectacular supporting pancreatic cancer research at the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGe...
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/venue-and-room-reservations/ Seena Magowitz Foundation Golf Classic At The Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate - PLEASE JOIN US IN BOSTON 14th Annual Seena Magowitz Golf Classic August 27-29, 2016 Our premier annual fundraising event headquarters will be the award-winning Boston Harbor Hotel. It is Boston's only Forbes Five-Star Waterfront hotel.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/golf-course/ » Golf Tournament Venue - The 2016 Golf Tournament will be held Monday August 29, 2016 Tedesco Country Club 154 Tedesco Street Marblejead, MA 01945 781-631-6530 www.tedescocc.org 7:00 AM Buses depart Boston Harbor Hotel 7:30 AM Driving range and practice green open 7:30 AM Complimentary Continental breakfast served 8:45 AM J...
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/non-golfer-tours/ » Optional Tours - Jordan’s Furniture has graciously invited all Seena Magowitz Foundation non-golfer guests for a tour of Jordan's adventurous Reading store location on Monday August 29th. So if you are not playing in the golf tournament, join us on a uniquely exciting adventure.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/live-auction/ » Live Auction - Celebrating Sonoma Wine Country Perfection Delight and Indulge With A Vacation To The Wine Country of Sonoma, California. The ultimate wine country destination at the award-winning Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn that will rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/seena-foundation-golf-classic-sponsors/ » Golf Classic Sponsors - PREMIER SIGNATURE SPONSORS Annual Golf Classic Signature Sponsors are marketplace visionaries with a special commitment towards the eradication of pancreatic cancer.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/sponsorship-opportunities/ » Annual Golf Classic Sponsorship Opportunities - CONSIDER BECOMING A SPONSOR 14th Annual Seena Magowitz Golf Classic Coming To Boston Mid-Summer 2016 Our premier annual event is coming to Boston this year. David Dombrowski, Boston Red Sox President of Baseball Operations will be the Honorary Chair for the event.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/photos-last-years-golf-classic/ Fun Times At Last Year's SMF Golf Classic - Expect a great time at the Annual Seena Magowitz Foundation Golf Classic. Join others with a common commitment of fighting pancreatic cancer.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/volunteers-behind-the-scene/ Annual Seena Magowitz Foundation Golf Classic Volunteers - Thanks To Golf Classic Volunteers and Supporters Our Annual Golf Classic is the Premier Event held each year. It takes a great deal of ongoing planning and seemingly endless hours of behind-the-scenes effort to create and produce this yearly occasion.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/atlanta-golf-classic/ Howard Young's Atlanta Golf Classic | Benefiting Pancreatic Cancer - 7th Annual Howard Young Atlanta Golf Classic Coming Together To Fund Pancreatic Cancer Research. Last year's classic raised a record $196,000. Hopefully through the continued support of advocates and participants with a strong commitment to defeat pancreatic cancer, we can beat last year's record.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/pancreatic-cancer/ What Are The Types of Pancreatic Cancer? - The pancreas has dual functions, Exocrine and Endocrine. It is comprised of 3 parts, the head, body, and tail. The type of pancreatic cancer and prognosis is dependent upon area of function and location. About 95% of pancreatic cancers occur in the Exocrine function and have the worst survival rate.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/pancreatic-cancer-treatments-outcomes-surgery/ » Treatments and Outcome - Tony Subia July 2015 The treatment of pancreatic cancer generally involves four primary options. Surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and participation in a clinical trial.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/whipple-operation/ Whipple Surgery For Pancreatic Cancer | Overview, Survival Rate, Risk Factors - Article on the Whipple Procedure for pancreatic cancer. What is the Whipple Operation, risks, survival rates, video and the importance of using a skilled, experienced surgeon and a hospital that has performed a high volume of Whipple Surgeries.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/pancreatic-cysts/ Pancreatic Cysts Can Be Benign, Precancerous or Cancerous - Most pancreatic cysts are benign and non-cancerous, but about 20% of pancreatic cysts are either precancerous or cancerous and must be surgically removed.
  • http://www.seenamagowitzfoundation.org/what-are-the-stages-of-pancreatic-cancer/ What Are The Stages of Pancreatic Cancer? - Staging is determining how much pancreatic cancer is present and whether or not pancreatic cancer has spread beyond the pancreas. Each stage of pancreatic cancer is assigned a number of 0 through stage 4.

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  • Victoria Sappington - Excited to continue tracking results

    I received this product for free on the terms that I review it honestly. The shipping was very quick and arrived four days before it said it would. Everything arrived in good condition and the packaging is nice. Reading that the bottle is only 1oz was one thing but seeing the tiny bottle made me a bit nervous at first. However, the cream is a lot like lotion so you do not need a lot of it to get a wide coverage of the scarred area. I have several areas on my body that are affected by stretch marks and additionally I have acne scarring on my face. I used the cream on both of these because it says it can be used for both. Again the consistency is a lot like lotion and it smells almost like mint and tea tree oil mixed. I have currently only used it about a week, once a day. The bottle recommends twice a day but I tend to forget in the morning to put it on. I do not think it has effected my acne scarring much but I also have been breaking out around some of those areas so this could be effecting my results. My stretch marks seam a little less pink but I feel it is a little too early to tell a whole lot yet. I plan to update this review as I see more results. The ingredients definitely contain several products that reduce stretch marks and scarring such as vitamin e and tea tree oil, so I am hopeful that I will continue to see some changes!