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Schizzi di Te | più che un corso di disegno... un percorso!!! - Piu' che un corso di disegno: un percorso di disegno! Nella provincia di Cremona un gruppo che non si limita ad una serie di lezioni di pochi mesi, ma piuttosto che lascia libera espressione artistica ad ognuno per il tempo che preferisce.

  • http://www.schizzidite.com/ilgruppo/ Il Gruppo - Schizzi di Te - Chi siamo? Siamo noi!!! Nell’aprile del 2005, su invito della biblioteca di S. Marino di Gadesco abbiamo cominciato i nostri incontri del giovedì sera. Il progetto iniziale prevedeva un ciclo chiuso di 6
  • http://www.schizzidite.com/la-nostra-sede/ La nostra Sede - Schizzi di Te - Dove si trova.... La sede di ritrovo è presso il centro Tinelli di Gadesco Pieve Delmona (vicino all' IPER), comodamente raggiungibile dalla via Mantova, a 5 minuti da Cremona Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa ...e come
  • http://www.schizzidite.com/le-nostre-opere/ Le nostre opere - Schizzi di Te - Le nostre opere: Lo spazio a disposizione consente di esprimersi con qualsiasi tecnica che corrisponde alla sensibilità di chi partecipa. Inoltre la piccola biblioteca è dotata di manualistica ed abbiamo la possibilità di far intervenire
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    Country:, Europe, IT

    City: 12.2944 Provincia di Treviso, Italy

  • Steve Leeper - Not quite bad enough

    Hartman does an excellent job describing the threats we face and the causes of the coming collapse, but his survival instinct has caused him to minimize or underestimate the chaos we are about to endure. His proposals at the end for how we should recover from the collapse and make a better world don't seem to fully appreciate the magnitude of the changes that are coming. Can't blame him. He's already being attacked for being "negative," but if he had said, "We have to get into permaculture and learn how to grow our own food and make our own clothes and otherwise live without oil and we have to do this as fast as we can," I would have given him five stars.

  • D. Rodriguez - My life has changed completely

    My breath was so bad that people would move away from me when I spoke, which made me never want to speak to people or to feel obviously awkward when I did. I tried the rinse and toothpaste and I NEVER have that problem anymore. I am not shy about speaking anymore and I feel SO much more confident in general. This is a real dream come true for me. Abolutely give it a try if you are suffering from bad breath whatsoever.

  • Alex Cheng - So, So, Sooo Disappointed

    I've been thinking about getting a GoPro for YEARS now, and I was so stoked when I finally received my GoPro Hero3 (Black Edition) yesterday. Too bad my joy was very short lived. First off, the battery wouldn't seem to charge past 2 bars. Right out of the box the battery indicator was at 2 bars and even after charging the unit for over 3 hours, it still only had 2 bars. Secondly, the unit kept freezing up (meaning the unit was completely unresponsive). Although the WiFi LEDs were still flashing (so it wasn't completely frozen), I couldn't get into any menus, take any pictures or videos, or turn the unit off - the unit was basically bricked. I had to resort to yanking out the battery to get the unit to reset, and I had to do this every time the unit froze. Third, I couldn't get the unit to sync up with the iPhone/iPad app, even though I followed the instructions carefully and even watched a number of different YouTube videos on how to do this. Occasionally I could hear the camera's mic picking up sound through the iPhone/iPad app, but there was no preview picture, and I had no ability to start recording or enter any settings (thus I knew the connection was at least established). Interestingly enough, the iPhone/iPad app kept indicating that it could not find a WiFi BacPac on my unit (even though the Hero3 has WiFi built in, thus there is no need for the WiFi BacPac). Fourth, I couldn't get the unit to sync up with CineForm app either even though the camera was properly connected to my computer. Lastly, I also bought a Battery BacPac, which amazingly seemed to work, but the rubber inserts in the camera housing door fell out straight out of the box. Imagine expecting a Ferrari and getting a broken down Honda Civic instead... That's how I feel about GoPro right about now. I am so bitterly disappointed in my experience that I'm not even giving GoPro a second chance. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a perfectly working unit, great for you, but that certainly was not my experience.

  • Tina pollick - This drink sucks I bought 2 of them took them how the ...

    This drink sucks I bought 2 of them took them how the instructions say to take it and they still found a "trace of thc"

  • Bill R. - Fantastic product and company

    Great product and well-made. Use it on my iPhone 6. Customer Service is beyond fantastic. I messed up my first screen (2 screens to a pack) and contacted the company to see if it could be re-used. They sent me a whole new pack. You know this is a quality product and a customer-focused company, when this is how they treat their customers. They value their customers! Thank you for a great product and great customer service.

  • Beanomly - Not overpowering and the kids like it.

    I picked this up for my kids who are big apple juice drinkers for a change. They both really liked it and said the cherry flavor was different, but not overpowering. It is now gone and I heard no complaints which is saying something. Believe me, if they didn’t like it, it would sit there forever.