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Rick Collins | Attorney, Author, Activist and Adventurer - Rick Collins is a popular author, fitness authority, lawyer, actor and former competitive bodybuilder and fitness trainer who has become one of the nation's

  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-attorney/ Rick Collins - Attorney: Legal Services | Rick Collins - Rick Collins has a national legal practice catering to clients in the health and fitness community. He is the nation's foremost legal authority on anabolic
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-the-author/ Rick Collins - Author: An accomplished author – helping others accomplish their goals in health and fitness. | Rick Collins - As a published author, Rick Collins expertly connects health and fitness to social policy and cultural issues in a way that is unparalleled in the industry. His
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-activist/ Rick Collins - Activist: Working Tirelessly to Help Others, Change Laws … and Help Give People a Second Chance | Rick Collins - Rick Collins is a long-time advocate, and activist, who has worked for decades to help fight to protect people’s rights and personal freedoms. Whether working t
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-adventurer/ Rick Collins - Adventurer: Going to New Heights, and Pushing Himself to New Limits, As He Embraces Adventure | Rick Collins - He’s scaled Rocky Mountain on the Manitou Incline, done ocean helmet diving, and hiked the Grand Canyon. He’s jumped from a plane at 13,500 feet (overcoming his
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-actor/ Rick Collins - Actor | Rick Collins - An Established Attorney Takes on a New Role …And Returns to the Stage and Screen As a young lawyer, Rick took off on an adventurous detour into the world of f
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-curriculum-vitae/ Rick Collins - Attorney, Author, Activist and Adventurer: Curriculum Vitae | Rick Collins - Richard D. Collins, Esq. 138 Mineola Boulevard Mineola, NY 11501 Phone: (516) 294-0300 Fax: (516) 294-0477 Email: [email protected]
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-attorney/rick-collins-attorney-consulting-services/ Rick Collins - Attorney: Consulting Services | Rick Collins - If you have a legal question or problem related to dietary supplements, sports nutrition products, performance enhancing substances or anabolic steroids,
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/rick-collins-media-requests/ Rick Collins - Attorney, Author, Activist and Adventurer: Media Requests | Rick Collins - Rick Collins has been interviewed as a legal authority on the topic of anabolic steroids, performance-enhancing substances, sports nutrition dietary supplements
  • http://www.rickcollins.com/contact-rick-collins/ Rick Collins - Attorney, Author, Activist and Adventurer: Contact Rick Collins | Rick Collins - Richard D. Collins, Esq. Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC 138 Mineola Boulevard Mineola, NY 11501 Phone: (516) 294-0300 Fax: (516) 294-0477 Email:

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  • Carolyn A. Bryant - Need a little help?

    Great tool to get you ready for that all important test! Helped my son pass his exsam! Fast Shipping, couldn't ask for more!

  • Christn - Awesome for teeth whitening !

    I love this all natural charcoal for whitening my teeth. The first time I tried it I wasn't expecting much but I was amazed at how much whiter my teeth were after using it..I should've taken pictures. It was at least a shade whiter which is amazing because this was just after one use. I put it on my toothbrush and brush as I normally would but focus on the front a little more and brush for about 2 min and rinse. This is now my favorite whitening product for my teeth. I know this is good for other things too but I use it for whitening my teeth. I did receive this at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

  • Nick - Almost perfect...

    Well, I finally found at least one thing the venerable gorilla glue won't adhere to: car steering wheel vinyl (and presumably any other vinyl, too. Was trying to make a mount for my cell phone directly on my steering wheel for GPS use (watch out airbag deployment, though!) and found that gorilla won't adhere. Very surprised.

  • leannmason - Disappointing!!!!

    I paid full price for a new book an this book was nowhere near new condition! The seller claimed to sell a book that came with a CD and of course, NO CD!!!!! Do not order from this seller!

  • ksaint - The best eye cream ever!!

    I've used this product several times, it really does brighten the under eye area. I use it every day and night, just a little dab will do. Doesn't take long to see results. Whenever I wakeup and my eyes a bit puffy or have some darker circles from missing out on sleep the night before, I put this product around my eyes and within 20 minutes the puffiness goes down and the dark circles start to lighten up!! This product gives me a "reawakened" look and I absolutely love it. I'm continually amazed at how this product "wakes up" my eyes each morning. My eyes look tired, bleary and puffy when I face myself in the mirror at 6 a.m., but something in this cream rejuvenates the skin around my eyes--a subtle glow that may not be so obvious to others but is a vast improvement to me. Highly recommend it.

  • Tang Xiaotang - I was skeptical at first, but after receiving it ...

    I was skeptical at first, but after receiving it, and seeing its anti-static package, I can say this SSD has an unbeatable quality/price ratio. Even used on a SATA II port, I still got an incredible boost. The test speed may seem slower than advertised due to my SATA II port, but the performance shows no difference.

  • randdogs - GREAT STUFF

    Love this shampoo. Makes my hair soft, shiny, full of body not weighed down. I have color treated hair and had trouble with breakage. This shampoo has almost completely cured that!