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City: -43.2192 , Brazil

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    The Black Diamond collection changed my life! this product is magic, ultra expansive ( I found out that you can call the offices and ask for a deal because you can't afford it and the company will assist you too!) I know that it was worth every penny to boost my self esteem so much!!

  • shellmrtn - Not the same Sorry it used to be

    Wow...was so disappointed with this. They cut the pieces down to 3 pieces per player instead of the original 4. They made 1 less of each different type of card. Bought the game to play with my kids for nostalgia's sake, but it's a disappointment. Will go to Goodwill to pick up an older one.

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    Recently I was giving the opportunity to review a product by Toilettree called the electric callus remover.

  • Jeff G. - She loves it!!!

    I bought this for my daughter,who is like myself a coffee lover. She had bought herself one of the cheaper blade type grinders,in which she was dissatisfied with.After receiving this for Christmas from my wife and I she fell in love with this burr grinder. It's compact size and the ability to choose between several different grinds,from super fine to course. Although she hasn't used it for a long period of time yet,I believe this grinder should last her a long while. This grinder appears to be of good quality for the price.