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RB Designs Metal Sculpture - Artist Richard Barnwell - RB Designs – The Studio and Shop of Metal Sculptor Richard Barnwell Studio   RB Designs is a custom iron art studio and workshop in Pebble B...

  • http://www.rbdesignsaz.com/rb-designs-collections RB Designs Collections - Iron artist Richard Barnwell creates beautiful, unique collections of iron art sculpture. Explore his many iron designs from American contemporary to...
  • http://www.rbdesignsaz.com/about-the-artist About the Artist - Richard Barnwell, Metal Artist Richard first started in the “Arts” when he attended Sinaloa Junior High School and enrolled in a woodshop class when h...

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  • m kelly - Leaves my hair manageabke and soft

    This product smalls so good and it leaves my hair feeling super silky soft and it is very manageable. Usua;;y my hair tangles easily and is difficult to brush, espcially when it is wet. After using this product my hair is not near as tangles as i am used to and the brush just glides right through the tangles that are there. It makes my hair way less frizzy and gives it a nice shine. I received this product t a discount in exchange for my honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion or review of the item. I would recommend this product

  • Ronald S. Burkey - Best Hercules movie ever ... in other words, the only good Hercules movie ever

    There has been a seemingly infinite number of Hercules movies in the past, uniformly worthless as far as I can recall, and I didn't expect any more of this movie than to watch it for a few minutes and then watch something else. However, I found myself watching it through to the end, and think it is not only the best Hercules movie ever made, but perhaps (off the top of my head, without researching it a lot) the best mythologically-based movie ever made in English.

  • mad Mike - hot flash

    have not seen much difference maybe a little more energy but if I take it late in the day I wake up at night sweating im sure there is a warning somewhere but I didn't see it

  • Patrick Lee Oswald - This is a bust!

    It is so loud even when turned to the lowest setting that it is uncomfortable. You can hear yourself breathing and sounds near by are so loud you cannot hear things far off. In my opinion I wasted my money on this product.

  • Elizabeth from Crazii B!tches Book Blog - AMAZING BOOK <3

    C.D. Reiss does it again!! She pulled me into the dark, gritty, emotional & passionate story of Adam & Diana.

  • Hillary McMillin - Best Protein I've ever used!

    It works great as a post workout and as a meal replacement. I use half as much protein as I have with any other powdered protein and get better effects! Not to mention, the taste is awesome!

  • Nancy - HOLEY HOSE

    I really wanted to love this hose to replace a too heavy, too kinky hose. Even though some reviewers indicated problems, I decided to go ahead and order from Amazon anyway. It arrived quickly and well packaged. After unwinding and unscrewing the old hose, I attached this hose and wound it on the hose reel, attached the sprayer and turned it on to have water spray from two holes in the body of the hose and only a trickle come out of the hose end. How disappointing. Well now I was wet and muddy and I had to unwind the hose, clean it off and wind it up to fit back in the box for return shipment. Well I am an elderly woman and found this whole procedure difficult and messy. I have to say that the return was very easy and I got my refund with no problem. I'm still using the too heavy, too kinky old hose that at least doesn't leak.