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Raclet, Fabricant Français de Caravanes Pliantes - Découvrez les caravanes pliantes Raclet : spécialiste français depuis plus de 40 ans !

  • http://www.raclet-trailertents.com/m-16-raclet.html Historique de la marque française Raclet - Raclet est l’un des plus anciens fabricants français de matériels de camping : découvrez son histoire et son savoir-faire !
  • http://www.raclet-trailertents.com/m-27-safari.html Caravane Pliante Modèle résidentiel SAFARI - Découvrez en détail notre Caravane Pliante SAFARI : descriptif technique, photos et vidéo !
  • http://www.raclet-trailertents.com/m-98-panama-up.html Caravane pliante modèle itinérant Panama Up - Venez découvrir notre nouveau modèle de caravane pliante itinérante : la PANAMA-Up !
  • http://www.raclet-trailertents.com/m-30-solena.html Caravane Pliante Modèle itinérant SOLENA - Découvrez en détail notre Caravane Pliante SOLENA : descriptif technique, photos et vidéo !

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • Amazon Customer - We got a used one, multiple problems.

    My son used all his money to buy this the day after Christmas. It says it comes with a controller. Ours came without one and the box had obviously been torn open and taped back together. While Amazon customer service helped us find an agreeable solution, and quickly, it was still a hassle to go out and buy a controller. Once we did, we found that the console had been registered to the previous owner. We had to call the man to get his password, et c, to delete his profile. We were fortunate that the man actually called us back and worked with us because otherwise we would have had to return the entire thing.

  • Zactivix - Good range, comfort, & overall value. Mediocre sound quality.

    As noted in other posts, the buds come in a nice package. It was great for them to include a charger cord with both Android (used to charge the buds) and iPhone plugs. They look stylish. Main operation is easy - the right earbud logo is a button used to play/pause and turns off with a longer hold. Whenever I use the volume rocker it requires too deep of a press that can move the earbud out of place. The sound quality is acceptable, but leaves much to be desired. The bass bottoms out and doesn't sound as rich or full as I'd like. Phone conversations are clear and my voice is received well. For $40, this is a good value, however I just wish it had a bit more punch and richness for a better music listening experience.

  • Marcy Roberts - it's like you cannot wait to see happens next

    I have read every Shade book Bella has wrote, when I started reading that's kinda what I was expecting but boy was I wrong. This book is the most thrilling, keep you on the edge of your seat and not be able to put down book I've read this year! The story grabs you and just won't let go, it's like you cannot wait to see happens next. I was skeptical about the new series from Bella but she reels you in with it. Excellent story line and characters ( some you just love others if you could reach through the book and throat punch them you probably would), and such different worlds. She's a genius! My favorite book of her's and that's saying alot because I am a proud Shaddict! Great work defiantly won't regret reading this one!

  • C. Swain - I do like the overall look on the FJ

    I do like the overall look on the FJ.... That being said. Living in the city, I don't get great reception while driving around buildings higher than 2 stories tall or with an canopy of trees. Good thing I usually always listen to my iPhones playlist. Sleek look- crud reception

  • *AlisonPz - Ill continue to update as i use

    Arrived quickly, and arrived as stated. If you have any glycerin allergies, this won't work for you. As is contain several component of glycol. I will update my review as I use the product and see result if it works I'll change my rating. But hair growth takes some time...lol stay tuned

  • Amazon Customer - Returned

    I wanted to love this car seat so much. The straps were difficult to get tight enough, and I was hesitant to keep it, but after much effort I was able to get them tight enough to where I felt comfortable. My toddler seemed very comfortable in the seat and her head never fell forward when she slept in it (major plus).